Glamorous Girls

Well now I’m all glamorous (well as glamorous as I will ever be…vbg) with my hair newly cut and coloured and not a grey hair in sight – I thought it high time I showed you the glamorous Birthday Present I made for Maureen.

For a while I toyed with the idea of giving it to her hubby to store away until Maureen’s birthday – then I changed my mind and wanted to see the look on her face when she opened up the parcel.

Then I saw all the wonderful dolls Maureen has made……………….and let me tell you they are pretty darn amazing when all is said and done, certainly they are way out of my league…………….and I changed my mind again and thought I should give her something else.

Then that niggly voice in the back of my head told me to stop being so chicken and trust in my instincts that she might like it.  Guess what – Maureen did!!!

I was so pleased that she did like it and to be honest I love it myself but wasn’t tempted to keep it even once.

I crazy pieced the skirt (sewed in the darts) then decorated to my hearts content with whatever I could think of.  The bodice was made, lace added to the sleeves and then it was attached to the skirt then I figured it needed something else and I added the tatting and the silk ribbon roses to it. She has a pearl necklace (not real unfortunately) and a pearl headband to keep all that gorgeous mohair hair in place.  The hair is as soft as it looks to and the most delightful soft mauve’s, pinks, greens, grays and even a touch of caramel are all part of the hair.  I needlescultped the face (obviously something I need to practice) and then painted it.  At the last minute Elise found the glasses hiding in her room – I’m not even game to ask why she had them.  The touch of lace at the centre front of the bodice is to preserve her modesty and to add another touch of colour.

This pattern I might add is brilliant.  It’s called “Moonlighting” by Marilyn Halcomb and by the look of the date on it I purchased it in 1999.  By day “Flo” is a “mild mannered member of the bowling team, by night she supplements her pension by posing for the life drawing class”.  Yep you guessed it  – she poses nude on a lovely chaise lounge in all her glory.  I’m not joking that is the way the pattern is designed.  She comes complete (if you wish to go to all that trouble) of having knees, ankles, nipples the lot all needle scuplted.  I confess I haven’t gone that far with the two dolls I have made by this pattern – but there are times when I am so very tempted.  I made Mum one of these dolls and dressed her up to play croquet for Mum’s 60th birthday.  She has pride of place in Mum’s lounge room.  It will be interesting to see where Maureen’s girl ends up.  Ohh and I might add I didn’t make it that she could remove her clothes for Maureen and Graeme.  I thought I should preserve her dignity a bit.

6 thoughts on “Glamorous Girls

  1. Catherine, your doll is gorgeous, and even looks like Maureen. I think your needle sculpting is fab. You clever thing.
    Great to see a little CQ pop out of your blog.

  2. You can tell she is a lady. I’ll bet you never see her without every hair in place and her pearls around her neck. Is she a school teacher, or a librarian? I’m surmising about the doll, not the maker or the recipient.

  3. Wow! What a fabulous job Catherine you should be proud she turned out just beautiful. Maureen is going to be thrilled to get her and add her to the doll collection.

  4. First of all I adore the doll Catherine has made for me; she is so beautifully created and I see no flaws Catherine speaks of. I’ve been tardy in blogging lately and after seeing these great photos will have to retake mine before adding them to my blog.
    The embroidery on the dress is so beautiful it has to be seen to be truly appreciated and…it’s now all mine. 🙂
    I will be taking the doll to my DDs home where my offspring are having a 70th party for me in a couple of weeks. I want as many friends to view the doll as possible and will ask for name suggestions.

    p.s I should look so good Jo.

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