Perfect Hand Quilting

I bought another book.  Yes I know another one – but this did arrive before we went away so the guilt has gone…vbg.

Every now and then I would see the ads for Liuxin Newman aka The Thimble Lady’s “Perfect Hand Quilting without Pain” and a spark of interest would flair only to be snuffed by the wisps and ufo’s that held my attention at the time. Mum mentioned that a friend of my sisters had purchased the book and DVD and said it was wonderful so I decided it was well past time for another look.

Well I subcumbed to the urge and bought the complete package (scroll down the page to see what you get in it) just cause that’s the kind of person I am.

I haven’t done any practice for a week or two  but look what I managed to get done while I was at Maureen’s house….

…it’s not perfect and I have a long way to go but boy was it easy and there was no strain on my hands at all which is what I was really looking for.  The quilt is supposed to be loose in the quilting hoop this way too.  It’s all part of the Thimblelady’s technique.

The book explains step by step how to quilt Liuxin’s way and the DVD which is included gives you that visual aid – which I happen to need so much…vbg.  I have hand quilted before but it was not a huge success and handling those little between needles drives me nuts not to mention being a real pain in the hands which is probably why I haven’t hand quilted for years.  I must add that I greatly admire anyone who can hand quilt – especially doing it the “traditional” way as opposed to this newer and  I guess in the eyes of some, more radical way.

While I can’t see myself hand quilting a single/double or queen size quilt – I want to use this type of quilting on smaller items – table runners, cushions, baby quilts etc. Something that needs a bit more of a personal touch.  Don’t get me wrong – I love machine quilting but there are times when you just need to get a bit more up close and personal to an item and quilt it the, dare I say it, “old fashioned way”.

Ohh and even if I hadn’t been able to hand quilt the hoop alone would have been worth the money I paid.  It’s brilliant.  Check out the site for more information.   I guess I should add here there are no affils and all that – I just love to show off the new products/books/stash I have bought and great items and service should always be spoken of.

Now that I have intrigued some of you and probably offended others I will offer my most humble apologies and toddle off to do the label that must go on the back of Elise’s quilt.


5 thoughts on “Perfect Hand Quilting

  1. Absolutely do not apologise. This is your blog, your opinions.

    I did a thimblelady course with an accredited teacher, but have not had time to follow through. Bought only the book and the needles, but it is certainly an improvement (for me) on the way I was doing it.

    Practice makes perfect! LOL

  2. I’m intrigued and offended. Just kidding, about the offended part anyway. It looks good. Like you, I admire hand quilters and and enjoyed it when I did it, but it is so slow for me. Maybe one of these days I’ll get back to it.

  3. I quilt this way with the frame (mine is a plastic square that clips the material onto it. I am always loosening the fabric in the frame so that it has some give to it. The book sounds intriguing but I’m wondering (since I always hand quilt) just how much of it is new material (pun, pun) to me. I’ll have to go check it out.

  4. I went and looked into this and it looks good but $22 for a plastic thimble yikes! I can see where if a person could master this then they could save themselves a lot of pain and I can relate to the callous from getting the finger pricked. I usually stop quilting when I build up the callous because I like to feel the needle but this system eliminats that need.

    I definitely think that after having your wrists operated on Catherine you need to learn something like this instead of the regular quilting method. Let me know how it goes as I’m very interested in it. Your stitches by the way look very good from what I can see in the photo.

  5. Hey Catherine, i hope you get this sorry i lost contact with yourself and Ashley i really hope this finds you if it does would love to hear from you

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