Was incredibly busy considering I didn’t have a lot to do – well apart from a doctors visit and to do the groceries.

I had big plans of posting photos of recent crafty activities – but that didn’t happen.

I had big plans of finishing the ironing – well that might still happen when I watch “Rome”… does have to distract oneself from the few but incredibly good looking Romans that may appear.

I had big plans of finishing all the washing, having it folded and put away by the time the kids got home from school……………….wait that did happen!!!  Doing the happy dance.

Back to mundane things…vbg.  I had the all clear from the Doctor today regarding the flu/possible asthma I had.  Just got to finish up the antibotics and the eye drops (yes my eye is back to it’s normal self – thank goodness) and I’m done.  I asked about my sore foot (the same one I have had for nearly 18 months) and Doc recommended I see a podiatrist when I can – trouble is the hospital isn’t taking any bookings as they only have one podiastrist and that person is run off their feet (pardon the pun) with patients.  So I shall continue on resting when I can, using heat packs and just generally driving my family mad.   Doc said that was the right course of action anyway.  Note to young people – want a job??? BECOME A PODIATRIST – the is a huge need for podiatrists apparently.

I did manage to get all the shopping done and under budget for a change.  Somedays I strike it lucky and others I don’t.  Today was a good day.

This afternoon I played with my dyes and painted on pieces of cartridge paper as the new book “Colour On Cloth” suggested.  It was soooooo much fun and very liberating.  I really don’t understand the colour theories at all – most of the time I just go with what looks good at the time….so to play and deliberately try to make colours work was heaps of fun and not nearly as scary as I thought it might be.  The left over dyes were painted onto some white homespun – just to use them up – then sprinkled with rock salt to see what will happen.  I will have to wait until tomorrow to see if it works they way I want hope it will.

I have finished knitting a “square” of fluffy wool scraps into a cushion front.  I had lots of bits and peices that were all in purple shades and thought they would make an ideal cushion for a Christmas present.  Now the front is done I just have to make the cushion.  Could that be another project on my “To Do” list I wonder?

Speaking of Christmas some silly person on our local radio station keeps giving a countdown of how many days left there are until the end of the year.  Good grief it’s nearly enough to make me give up listening to the radio…….which I might add I only put on so the kids don’t watch tv when they are supposed to be getting ready for school.  As if I don’t know that Dec 25th is coming up fast – I don’t need reminding of it that often and my Christmas list of presents still hasn’t been finalised and there are quite a few I want to make.  Deep slow breath………don’t panic…….there’s time…………….now where did I put those patterns I want to use??????

I made heaps of binding yesterday with plans to sew it onto Elise’s quilt today but that didn’t happen.  Hopefully tomorrow.  The way I am going with this quilt summer will be here and Elise won’t need it any more…sigh.  At least it will be ready nice and early for next winter….roflmol.

Off to the hairdressers tomorrow.  Time for some drastic action to cover the grey….sigh.  Hopefully tomorrow isn’t the mad rush it was today – we woke at 8 am (should have been up at 7 am) and I had to have kids at school by 8.30 and me at the Doctors by 8.40am.  Might set two alarms tomorrow.


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