Tutorial – Thread Holder

After repeated hints from various friends I have constructed a tutorial on how to make a Thread holder, suitable for Edmar threads or for that matter any thread I guess. I made one of these to hold my Edmar threads for the Easter Gather and it was wonderful. All the threads stayed right where they were meant to, there were no creases or wrinkles in them, they were easy to access and best of all I could find them – always a bonus.

You will need:
Materials Needed for Thread Holder
Main Fabric, Batting and Backing (or inside fabric) all cut 21 x 9 inches. Ribbon to tie the finished thread holder, a plastic pocket – the type you put in folders to hold papers and some fabric for the binding.

Marking where the plastic will go.
With the three layers pinned together all around the edges, mark down three inches from the top edge and one inch from the bottom edge. This is where the plastic will sit – allowing you access to the threads.

Cutting the Plastic Pocket
Cut the plastic pocket along the sides so it will open out. Do NOT cut along the bottom – you will need the length to hold your threads.

Sewing the Channels for the threads
Pinning just one seam line at a time – sew down to create a channel for each lot of threads. I made mine one inch apart which gave me plenty of room. Remember plastic rips so only use just enough pins to hold it to the fabric sandwhich. Also I found sewing one seam line at a time then marking the next meant the plastic didn’t bunch up or move on me.

Plastic all sewed on.
There are 8 “channels” all one inch apart.

Binding Sewn on.
When you have finished sewing down the plastic pocket then sew on the binding. I used the same method I would use for putting binding on a quilt, but you could use bias binding or even just satin stitch around the edge of the fabric sandwhich – it’s really up to you. Don’t forget to sew on the ribbon which will tie the thread holder together when it’s rolled up.

Finished Thread Holder
The Finished Thread Holder. Plastic sewn in, binding handsewn down.

Pulling the threads through the Channels
Pulling the threads through the Channels. If you have a “thread puller” from when you purchased your threads – then use that otherwise……….

Using A Straw to Feed in the Threads
Use a Straw….I used a fairly large straw (because it was all I had) to push the threads into the holder. Cut about a half inch slit in the top of the straw, feed that slit over the paper tag that comes with the threads and ……

Feeding In the Thread
….feed it up through the plastic channel.

Pull out the Straw and Pin the tag in place
Pull out the Straw and Pin the tag in place. I used a pencil to help push the straw along the channel – but use what works for you. Pin the tags in place with a safety in when the threads are in. I found this way I didn’t lose the tag so I knew what thread was what and they also help to keep the threads in place. When you need a thread, just pull out one at a time – they come out quite easily and the rest are left in place.

All finished and rolled up into a neat package which protects the threads and looks great too.

As always any questions – please ask and I will do my best to answer them. I work on the theory that these Edmar threads are quite silky to touch and even though I have used cotton for the inside lining they slip out quite easily when required. I would imagine that if you use some sort of silky fabric for the lining you could also store cotton threads such as “Needle Necessities” in the same sort of holder. If any ones tries this please let me know – I would love to know how you get on.

13 thoughts on “Tutorial – Thread Holder

  1. You are just such a clever chooky! Thank you for explaining this and the tutorial is wonderful and easy to read – even I can make one. lol Don’t let your nose hit the screen …. *GRIN

  2. Rowdy
    this is brilliant – and look who your 2 first viewers are gggg hi Sandie!!
    This is brilliant and to think of the money I shelled out to buy one of the Ristal threads variety! and to be honest this looks so much more user friendly then that one!! – brilliant darling girl brilliant – I am gunna do at least one cos I have all these threads in plastic baggies. The instructions and the piccies work for me-so again Thank you Rowdy!!
    love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxoxxoxo

  3. Thank you so very very much Catherine for posting this tutorial. I’m going to print it off and yes I will try a silky one for my cotton threads too! Thank you so much for the easy to follow instructions with PICTURES!

    Hugs, Rose Anne

  4. Catherine, like Rose Anne, I will also print out the tutorial. Right now I’m hanging my threads on shower hooks on a wire coat hanger with the hook twisted to hook over wherever I happen to be stitching ….. but that is not portable and this way is!!!!!! Thanks oodles …..

  5. Who’s a clever girl!
    Thank you Catherine, I intend to make several to keep my threads in order and tangle free.
    Much appreciated!

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  7. Wow this is a wonderful idea…I was sent here by Pam and I appreciate it cause I am going to give it a whirl….thank you so much

  8. A fantastic tute Catherine. I use the one you made for me, back in 2008, and as well as a perfect way of storing the threads, they travel well too. The thread holder is in perfect condition even though used often.
    I should make a few more for my other threads, like Cottage Garden which are pre-cut.

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