More Dyed Fabrics

The office is now renovated and organised and the peaches bottled so now I have time to show you some more photos of the dyeing I have been doing. It’s very addictive and only the fact I had run out of prewashed fabric stopped me or I would still be up to my elbows in dyes….grin.

All of these fabrics have been dyed using Melissa from Fabric Dyeing 101’s recipes. They are so easy to follow and you get fantastic results – every time. As I have said before – if you are feeling the urge to try this fabulous creative outlet – check out Melissa’s step by step instructions and you can’t go wrong.

Recipe A5 – Forest Floor Neutrals

Recipe A8 Fushia and Blue – Light The Blend on the end of the fabrics is a mix of all the colours dabbed onto another fat quarter of homespun. It looks even better in the flesh….or should that be fabric….grin.

Recipe A18 – Jewel Rainbow Mottled. These are much darker than the rainbow colours I did in the last dyeing session I did.

For those who want to compare the colours here is the first lot of rainbow fabrics I did…
Fabric Dyeing - Rainbow and some of my own creations
You will find this recipe here plus all the instructions you need.

Recipe B2 – Fushia Meets Turquoise – The Blend on the end is another peice of fabric created using all the dyes in this recipe.

Recipe Browns and Neutrals.

The exciting news of the week is my BIL is bringing me an old twin tub washing machine that he still thinks works so I can rinse my fabrics in it. I have been rinsing everything in buckets (with the excess water tipped onto the garden – remember we are in a drought and every bit helps), but a twin tub machine will speed up the rinsing process and cut down on water consumption – well that’s the theory anyway….grin. At the very least it’s worth a try.

The other major breakthough (or should that be realisation) I have had is that I can only dye one batch of fabric plus some experiments at a time – that is per day. I tried to do too many this week and have ended up in considerable pain in my shoulders and back – despite having everything at the right height to work. It has also mean quite a bit on confusion (despite having labelled the fabrics before I began) as to what fabric linked with what recipe in the experimental department. Nothing like a light bulb moment in the middle of the night…roflmol.


5 thoughts on “More Dyed Fabrics

  1. wot a wonderful compilation of fabrics and colours you have made- oh Catherine I love them all- but really partial to the blues poirples and torquoise they are wonderful colours although they all is darling- tell me are you dying using just Homespun and a fat quarter for each colour??
    love n hugs bear xoxoxoxo

  2. Yes Bear – just white homespun that I wash in the washing machine then dry before dyeing and each peice is just a fat quarter. Easier to handle and it gives me more to play with….grin.

    Thank you also Maria – I drool over them too…grin.

  3. Now why did you go and do that???? I have been trying for ages to work out what colours I liked best on your last lot – now I have to start all over again… I just love them all… Decisions, decisions…

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