Moving Offices

I was going to post about all the fabric I have been dyeing – which is one reason why I have been MIA this past week – the dyes have got into my blood and I’m hooked – seriously hooked….grin. Not even at night, when I’m trying to sleep, do the possibilities of mixing colours and hues stop running through my mind which makes, as you can imagine, for a very disturbed night.

Today we are moving offices. The Work office and the Home office are right next to each other, but we seem to spend so much time running from one to the other – literally walking through a doorway, that it has been decided to combine the two. I have taken photos of the before and the after ones will be taken later today, all being well. Originally we thought we should keep the two offices seperate so that nothing gets lost or mixed up – but the two computers share one printer and fax machine it just isn’t working. So today is the big move and how much junk do I store in either office – I am finding out the hard way…grin.

Ok Ashley is home and I’m off to act as builders apprentice.

Have a lovely weekend.


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