The Pizza Oven – Moving it

We have wanted, or should I say Ashley has wanted, a pizza oven for ages. I bought him a book on building them a few years ago and he got really excited about building one but as often seems to be the case, time and lack of materials and money seemed to always be against us.  A couple of months ago he was looking at random stuff on ebay, as you or rather he does, and found a pizza oven not far from us and at a good price.  So of course he bought it.

The pergola cleaned

You know how stuff happens for a reason? That by waiting long enough and the stars aligning and the toast being cooked the right way just makes something happen.  This pizza oven is one of THOSE things.  Old Mr M. (to differentiate him from his son) lived behind our mate Mick at Lake Boga. Old Mr M. had a pizza oven which due to age and infirmity didn’t use – Old Mr M’s not the ovens.  Mick tried to catch up with Old Mr M. in the hope we might be able to buy it off him but to no avail. That was several years ago.  Old Mr M. passed away and his son sold the oven to A.   No more was heard and we moved on with our lives.  A. put the pizza oven up for sale on ebay and of course when Ashley saw how close it was and how cheap it was he bought it. Turns out that Ashley went to school with A., has remained friends with him and his lovely partner (also named A.) who also happens to be my hairdresser.  A. while not super happy to be selling the pizza oven was happy to sell it to us – he and his partner A. had hoped to set it up and use it but circumstances arose that meant they had to sell it – as they figured we would appreciate it for all the right reasons……………….and he was right.  I’m telling you this is a proper pizza oven. A hand built Italian made oven by  Old Mr M. which A. assures me I will be able to cook anything in it and it will outlast us and possibly our children and grandchildren – which, quite frankly, is a really awesome thought.

Slowly across the lawn

Just before Christmas A. delivered the oven very carefully so it didn’t fall apart, fall off the fork list or have some other catastrophe.  It took until the middle of January to begin clearing the pergola so we could ge the oven in.

Gradually getting closer

Once again a friend, and also Elise’s boss, came to our help with his forklift to shift the oven.  It caused both men some head scratching and serious thinking on how to lift the oven without it flexing and breaking despite the steel stand it sits on.

Finally in the pergola

There was some damage – we expected that – but in the end it was sitting in the pergola near it’s final position.

Careful does it

The next day our friend Mick (the same Mick who lived behind Old Mr M the man who built the oven)  turned up to help Ashley and the lads wrestled the oven into position near the wall.  Milly was very good at supervising them and giving them a lick when she thought they had done a good job…..or maybe she was just wiping the sweat from their respective brows.

Rolling into position

It was a big job but a bit of ingenuity, some round steel pipe and a lot of pushing and shoving and comments like “golly that’s hard to move”  or comments like that but not nearly as polite and the boys had it in place.

Now the repairs will begin but that’s another post.

5 thoughts on “The Pizza Oven – Moving it

  1. Cath aredrawn from the oven!erine (and Ashley) I’m so happy for you that another dream has come true for you. Just think how snug the pergola will be in Autumn and Winter, especially when those yummy home made pizzas

    • Thanks Maureen. We have an open wood fire one end and the pizza oven the other so there is no way we won’t be warm… I’m hanging out for the roasts and breads in the oven I must admit.. Hope your well and the floods aren’t affecting you too much. Catherine Swan Hill Australia



  2. Wow what a great pizza oven! You are so lucky, you will get so much enjoyment from it! On our wish list for ‘one day’!

  3. Must be an Australian thing with the pizza ovens because although we might go out for pizzas baked in a stone oven they aren’t that common over here or at least not that I know of.

    Congrats on finally getting one, I’m looking forward to seeing what you end up cooking out there 🙂

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