Ahhhhh…..the smell of fresh paint.

My whole house still smells of paint and especially enamel paint but I don’t care. Ashley and I spent the weekend painting as it was fairly cool and we had been putting it off for long enough.

Nicola now has a room with two white walls and two purple walls instead of two pale pink/purple walls and two purple walls.

Nicola's room- Pale pink Wall is now white

I had been promising her for months that I would paint two walls white and finally it was done.  Sorry didn’t think to take an “after photo” but she loves it and it has brightened up her room enormously.  Now to get rid of that fan and light and replace it with a twelve volt fan and also put in some twelve volt down lights. They will draw less power, give more light and modernise her room.

The Bathroom had to be painted especially after having to have the shower redone after a leak was discovered in the wall. When we first painted the bathroom it was done in “ordinary paint” not enamel paint which will be easier to clean as it was probably all we could afford at the time.  Now it’s painted properly and it’s all white so it’s super bright in there.

Bright and White Bathroom

I’m so happy with it and the kids are too. Ashley did an amazing job and it looks really professionally done.  Of course I could use a handy electrician to screw that light fitting back to the wall….lol.

While the enamel paint was out the front wall of the cool room was also painted.

Coolroom Wall finally painted

I feel like I have been looking at bare plastered walls forever but now it’s done.  We used enamel (and trust me it’s the same white as the bathroom) as in humid weather we find we get condensation running down the wall from the glass door. It’s not a problem but we thought enamel paint would cope with it better.  The rest of the kitchen is still cream and the wall on the left side of the photo won’t be left with a white strip down it – I have to find the cream paint to finish that.  I really like the white – it’s sort of a feature wall without us really intending it to be.

Of course having an unintentional feature wall then meant that I really wanted the wall where the gas stove sits painted white too. My theory was it would blend in more if we had two white walls, enamel has to be easier to clean than normal paint and I was sick of the green wall that was there.

The Kitchen - in progress

A day and a midnight painting session later the wall was finished.
Newly painted Kitchen Wall

I love it and like everywhere else we have painted it feels so bright and fresh.

I finally feel that we are making more progress to getting this house finished.  Considering we built it 14 years ago this “finishing” seems to be taking a looooong time.  I guess that is a good thing though. We have had time to think about what we really want, time save the money so no added debt, and time to learn new skills so we could do most of the work ourselves.



8 thoughts on “Ahhhhh…..the smell of fresh paint.

  1. looking good ..I used to love getting painting done and my mind thinks I ought to still be able to do it and the body firmly says no way. I would not part with my ceiling fan in the bedroom….mind you I have an air con in there as well, but I love to sleep under a fan. Even the cat stays away!!!
    The house is looking lovely and modern.

  2. Very nice I like it, you guys got a lot done and I think the white and purple in Nicola’s room will be very nice. She’s probably past the pink stage by now. It’s amazing how white will perk everything up and make a room brighter.

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