21 Years

Many, many years ago a boy and a girl met.  Actually the girl saw the boy walking down the church aisle after being baptised and thought he was pretty cute but then stopped herself as she knew he was younger than her and seeing someone else.  At the time the girl was also seeing someone.

Several months later, both the boy and the girl having split up from those persons they were seeing, started dating.

There was much opposition from the families of said boy and girl. His parents thought the girl wasn’t good enough. They still don’t.  Her parents weren’t impressed especially as the boy had been seeing their younger daughter and no the girl didn’t split them up.

The boy and girl both knew they were onto a good thing. There was trust and communication and friendship and most of all love.  Best of all the boy and girl worked well together on any projects they undertook.

Three years after they started dating the boy proposed.

It was really romantic.  “Suppose you better go and get an engagement ring” he said.

The girl, wanting a somewhat more romantic proposal than that, told the boy if he couldn’t propose properly then she wouldn’t be looking for anything.

The boy, knowing that the girl meant it, proposed properly although not on bended knee.  ; – (

Three months later the boy and girl were married.

Just twelve months after that wedding a baby girl was born, two and a half years later another baby girl.  Then the boy and girl – both slightly more mature by now – built a house.  That working together well paid off as they hung plaster, laid floor tiles, wired the house for electricity and did anything else they could to save money.

They had just moved into the house when the girl found she was pregnant again.  A baby boy was born, four years after the second daughter.

They boy and girl then went on to raise three beautiful children and have welcomed (over the course of many years) four much loved dogs and two cats, a guinea pig, numerous chooks and several fish and run their own business.

Today that boy and girl – though much more mature looking but who don’t act mature – celebrate their 21st Wedding Anniversary.

21st Wedding Anniversary Flowers

Ashley surprised me at lunchtime with this beautiful bouquet of flowers. He very rarely gives me flowers for two reasons. He says I have plenty in the garden and as I trained and qualified as a florist he never knows what I like….lol.

We aren’t doing anything special.  Sometime later in the year we will have a weekend away together. We enjoyed last years break so much we have decided to make it an annual event and Ashley can’t get away at this time of year.


6 thoughts on “21 Years

  1. How I love a good romantic story, especially one that not only has a happy ending but one that is constantly happy throughout.

    I’ve seen your lovely family in action, spreading cheer and happiness to all.

    Congratulations Catherine and Ashley.

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