Christmas 2012

Finally I have fast Internet again.  With everyone home over Christmas our Internet account had been given a fair old workout and as a result while we had a connection it was incredibly slow. It drove us nuts for a few days but then we got used to not being on the net and life moved on and it’s really quite surprising just how peaceful it is and how much you get done when the computer isn’t on.  I’m determined to limit my time on the net over the new few weeks in an attempt to work through the looooong list of “things I must do, must make or want to do or make”.  So far I have made a good start.   I am also brimming full of ideas for blog posts and have been making notes and taking photos as I get things done so hopefully the beginning of 2013 will be a far cry from the spasmodic posting of last year.

Now onto the fun stuff.

Christmas was amazing. Very quiet and very relaxed.

Opening Presents

Opening Presents.  Nicola, Mum and Elise in the background.

Mum came for lunch along with two very dear friends, Nanny Cate and Poppy Bill,  so it was a lively meal with lots of laughter and even discussions of Christmas’s past.  We don’t realise just how lucky we are these days.  Both Mum and Nanny Cate told stories of very limited Christmas’s but despite those limitations it was those Christmas’s that remained brightest in their memories.  They both said it wasn’t the gifts that they remembered – instead it was the love and company of extended family and the fun they had.

Ajax - in the Christmas Spirit

Ajax doesn’t care what’s inside the present – he just loves tearing the paper apart.

This year the children decided that we would do a Kris Kringle and each of us had a budget of $50 each and only had to buy or make for one person.  It wasn’t bad but we all agreed that it really wasn’t us.  Not that we all wanted lashings of presents but it just made it hard when we saw or wanted to make something that we thought would suit a particular person but that wasn’t our person to have a gift for.  Personally I enjoyed the previous year so much more with our handmade Christmas even though it was a lot of work, I found it the most satisfying and I think so did the children as there are rumours already of gifts they want to make.

Elise's Christmas Table Centre

Elise’s table centres.  Fowlers Vacola Jars with crochet doileys tied around them and gold candles sitting inside them.  They looked amazing and are still out on display.

By Christmas afternoon Ashley and I were exhausted so a traditional two hour nap was called for.  The evening meal was leftovers and a very quiet wind down to Christmas Day.

Blowing Bubbles

James with his Bubble Maker in the Pergola.

Boxing Day was very quiet. Elise left early to head back to Bendigo with Ralf. She didn’t have any work so decided to go back and start packing up her house as she had signed the lease on a new flat just five minutes up the road from where she is now.

James and I headed off to Bendigo Thursday (the day after Boxing Day) for his appointment at the Fracture Clinic at Bendigo Base.  They didn’t need to do anything with his hand thank goodness.  The Surgical Registrar said it was fine but he wasn’t happy with the cast the hospital here had put on James’s arm and hand. Instead of his hand being in alignment with his arm it was on a 45 degree angle….so now he has a new half cast on his arm which is (we thought) securely wrapped with all the appropriate bandages. Unfortunately the Plaster Lady didn’t take into account a very active 13 year old who loves to spend time in the shed with Dad and both the cast and the bandages are looking very worse for wear. I was at fault too. I should have known how grotty James can get and should have put a sock over his cast but didn’t think of it until he came inside with grease marks on it…sigh. Goodness knows what the clinic will say when we go back on January 23rd.  The best news is however James is in no pain what so ever and while he won’t have an obvious knuckle (even though it’s still there and functioning normally)  when he clenches his hand – not that he is worried about that – he at least didn’t need surgery.

New Years Eve rolled around before we knew it…………not that we were doing anything anyway.  For the first time in years I saw in the New Year mainly because I was knitting socks for Ashley (a future post) and we were watching old episodes of “Grand Designs Australia” where people could spend three million dollars on a home and not even blink.  Crazy stuff.  Nicola and James didn’t see in the New Year at all – both were sound asleep long before Midnight, but Elise did see some of the fire works in Bendigo as she stayed with a couple of friends and they watched movies, talked, ate and watched more movies.

After all the excitement and “goings on” as Grandma would have said, it’s been nice to sit back and relax under the air conditioning. It’s stinking hot with quite strong winds and the garden is suffering dreadfully.  I’m so glad I cleaned up most of the vege garden and only have a few plants to see to.  No bush fires here but my heart goes out those those who are affected.

There is lots of sewing and crafting and crochet happening here and even a bit of tidying up in the sewing room.  This year is a year to reduce, reuse and recycle much of my craft supplies and I am already seeing a real trend in the up coming blog posts I am planning, not to mention the slightest reduction in the fabric stash….lol.



2 thoughts on “Christmas 2012

  1. I have been thinking about you as the weather has been just downright horrible up your neck of the woods with more to come unfortunately… I am too itching to get going on some projects for 2013 – one sooner than later as a young lass is leaving us to start her life as a primary school teacher and I wanted to give her something to make her smile… Well try to stay cool and I will watch with interest… x

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas and New Year Catherine. I’ll be interested to see what you come up with in the coming year and look forward to reading your posts 🙂

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