Christmas Is Coming

The house is clean for tomorrow,  Elise is finishing up making the last of the salads, Nicola has scrubbed bathrooms and James has been the “gopher” (go for this and go for that).  The washing is hung out, presents are under the tree and now we wait – yet I find myself in a somewhat reflective mood.

Elise baking

Nothing has changed – Elise is still in the kitchen.

When we started 2012 the family and I had no idea on just how big a year it would be or what the year would entail. Which is probably a good thing as had I realised just what was in store I may have run screaming for the hills at even a glimpse of it.

It’s been a year of incredible joy with Elise being accepted into University, adopting Ralf and moving and coping with a new house, new town and new friends.  The delight on Nicola’s face when the braces were finally removed was another plus. The  photo I have of my girl beaming with delight and showing off those beautiful straight teeth was so worth the tears, pain and money it cost.  The knowledge that James was in his final year of Primary School was scary but he coped so well and had a reasonable report at the end of the year.  James did enjoy Secondary School and hopefully it will offer him the scope and challenges what will bring out the best in him.

Nicola - Braces are Off

Braces off.

It’s also been a very stressful year. Work, while busy, has caused Ashley lots of stress and worry although dropping one of our major clients certainly helped in that area.  We have re- prioritised what is important to us regarding work and have decided next year (fingers crossed) that a proper holiday is on the books and Ashley will try to only work 4 days per week in the quieter months so he can have time to work on his own projects.  Both girls have had stressful times with school work but both have done very well and coped brilliantly. James has had trouble with being bullied but managed to carry on and despite breaking his hand towards the end of the school year has kept on smiling.

James - helping Dad

No matter what happens you will always find James in the shed helping Dad.

As for me – well to be honest it’s a year I would rather forget. Stress, worry, exhaustion,working, lots of driving back and forth to Bendigo, and now Doctors visits with James’s hand has lead to a year I would rather forget. The good news is that we have an appointment with the Orthopaedic Surgeon on December 27th (the day after Boxing Day) so hopefully we will have closure on the whole incident. While yes there were plenty of highs for some reason the lows seem to have dominated.  Still there is a new year just around the corner and while I’m not going to make any New Years Resolutions I am determined to just go with the flow.  I can’t control life or events no matter how much I would like to.

James is 11

Like Father, Like Son aka Two Peas in A Pod.

I’m determined to really get the vegetable garden up and running and have been preparing new beds. This coming year I want to grow far more of our own food and be less reliant on the supermarkets.  The using up of what craft supplies I have has lead to a whole host of new ideas and projects and I’m really enjoying the re-purposing of items we already have.  Ashley bought a Wood Fired Oven from an old school friend the other day – a proper pizza oven – and already I’m planning the bread, roasts, cakes and casseroles I’m going to make.  It will be a new dimension to self sufficiency that we have been dreaming for some time.

So in the last few hours before Christmas Day arrives I want to thank you all for putting up with my ramblings, for sharing our joy at the momentous events that have occurred, the support you have given and for the friendships we have formed.

Whatever your beliefs, whatever your traditions and where ever you live, may Peace, Joy and Happiness be with you this coming Festive Season.

Nativity Ornament


2 thoughts on “Christmas Is Coming

  1. Keep smiling Catherine. So glad to know you finally gotr your oven. Won’t you be popular in Winter time
    Merry Christmas to you all and may 2013 be less stressful

  2. It’s been a joy to share and visit with you Catherine through this past year. Wishing you and yours all the best at Christmas and in the year to come. God bless you all!

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