Grade Six Graduation

Last night was the Grade 6 Graduation.

The evening went off very smoothly.  The speeches were heartfelt and thoughtful, if not a tiny bit long winded, the children looked amazing and many had gone to a great deal of effort to dress for the occasion.

James being handed his certificate by the Principal – his teacher is behind them.

On a side note my mother taught craft to James’s teacher’s father when he was a boy which is more years than any of us care to remember… just goes to show there are people who know you everywhere.

The hall was packed with parents, grandparents and siblings which considering the school hall has no air conditioning made it a little warm but we all survived.

James was very glad when it was all over – he really doesn’t enjoy being the centre of attention even if it is just for a fleeting moment.

James and Curtis
James and his mate Curtis. 

So the evening was over. Today we have the Grade 6 Break up – we are only going for lunch – a sausage sizzle in the park.  Tomorrow is the Peer Mediators lunch then the year, and Primary School, are over for my boy and this family. I feel a tiny bit melancholy that these days have finished. Despite all that has happened our relationship with the school and many of the staff has been a good one but life moves on and new and exciting things are just around the corner for James.  Secondary school will hopefully give him more room to grow and develop skills in areas that he is truly interested in.  Apparently Tech/wood work was a firm favourite when he had the two days orientation at the college the other week.

As for seeing the Orthopaedic Surgeon – I rang the Fractures clinic late yesterday afternoon. They still didn’t have the paperwork but they did say it took 24 hours.  There is only one clinic a week and that was the day James broke his hand – the next one isn’t until after Christmas – possibly Boxing Day or the day after but whether he will get into that one remains to be seen. I did speak to the Liaison Nurse regarding his hand. We just keep it elevated, wrapped and wait. She said the bone won’t even begin to mend for at least two weeks so there is time and even if it’s a month before we see the surgeon they can still manipulate it without any problems.  I’m crossing my fingers and toes that we get in sooner rather than later.  James is in more pain now than he was when he first broke his hand but I’m guessing that’s because the swelling is going down. We are keeping an eye on it and he is having pain medication when he needs it.  If necessary we can go back to Emergency and get them to look if the pain suddenly spikes or he is really uncomfortable.

Thank you all for your lovely thoughts and get well wishes for James. He does appreciate them – apparently it’s easier to be the centre of attention when no one is actually looking at you….lol.


4 thoughts on “Grade Six Graduation

  1. Yes I agree with James, much easier. Primary school seems to go by so fast doesnt it, and this year has just flown by. I hope that his hand feels better soon and that your appt with the surgeon doesnt take too long. All the best for xmas too.

  2. I remember it was with mixed feelings when my youngest daughter left primary school as I knew it was opening up the gateway to a whole new life for all of us – which it did… I have been trying to think how long it has been since I first started reading your blog but I do know that James was just a little boy… How time flies… Well, James will always remember his departure from primary school and you will have the photos to prove it!!!! I hope that all moves smoothly for both of us re his hand and that he is on the road to recovery mighty soon… James I hope that you make an astonishing recovery and that next year will be your year… From my family to yours have a great safe, trouble free Christmas x x

  3. Love the picture of him and his mate Curtis. Tell James congrats on graduating and the tech/woodwork sounds exciting. It could set him up in his own business and give him a trade. I always hoped one of the boys would be interested in woodworking but no deal. There are more jobs for tradesmen over here than not.

    • Forgot to add that my brother-in-law fractured his wrist (fell on the ice) into I think five pieces. They didn’t operate on him right away either until there was an opening. This just happened a week ago. We kept thinking the same thing that the bones were going to set and then they’d have to rebreak them.

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