Being Organised

I will admit that the one thing that can really do my head in is not being organised. I’m not as bad as my Grandmother  who would be organised at 1 pm for something that started at 6 pm.  As much as I loved her dearly that drove me nuts, but not being organised in everyday things is a close second.

I have been seeing on the net for a while the Home Management or Home Organisation Folders and I kept resisting the idea.   I kept thinking that the last thing I needed was yet another pile of lists or a diary to keep things in order.  This was even though I have a diary to jot down upcoming events.  Finally – after months of feeling so out of control (part of the reason while I haven’t blogged as much as I would like to) – I caved and started searching for the ideal folder. Of course that means that I will never find the exact pages that I needed and even if I did find them they would have areas on them that I would never use or they were too fancy, or printed in lots of colours and so on and so forth. After a couple of days searching, which I must admit was lots of fun – I finally admitted to myself that I would need to create my own pages. Pages that suited the lifestyle we live with the items on them that we I needed.

So my home management folder and by extension home management corner was created.

Organisation Centre - I hope

It’s in the corner of the pantry – where it’s always been but now it’s all tidy…lol.  There are two pin boards right next to it which are so handy. One is for the “all year” stuff and the other for the daily/weekly things.

Pens - organised

I have a place for my pens, highlighters etc. I saw this idea on Pinterest (which I confess I’m seriously obsessed about – the cans and Pinterest) and just had to have a play. Empty food cans painted bright red with paint Elise had, hot glued together and Ashley screwed it to the wall for me last night. Now I have to put the pens in properly or they fall out. Ashley even put a hook in the bottom of the cupboard so I could hang up the scissors as they are always being lost.

I told myself that while I could use new dividers for each section and I bought some blank reinforced paper for the monthly calendars, everything else had to be made out of what I had around the house which is why some of the lists are printed on the lined paper the kids use at school.

Weekly Calendar

I have a Weekly Planner.

To Do List

A To Do List. I don’t think I will need to fill this out everyday but on those days where there is lots happening it should help me keep everything under control a little better.

Weekly Spending

A Weekly Spending List. Yes there are two weeks to a page but I’m hoping I shouldn’t completely fill one week with my spending let alone run into the second list. I also have a list for each month of the year where I can put in my totals to try and see just what I’m spending and where.

Meal List

I made a list of all the Main Meals we eat most often and listed them according to their main ingredient – fish, mince, chicken etc. There are approx 32 meals here so it should be easy to eat something different each day of the month and that’s not counting the variations on each basic meal or the nights were we have leftovers.

Meal Planning

I also made a weekly Meal Plan. While I have been planning meals for quite some time – it saves arguments when everyone wants something different – I haven’t planned lunches before. I’m not sure how that bit will go but at least if I have an idea for lunch I can jot it down rather than thinking “on the fly” as Ashley drives in at lunchtime.

None of the pages are complete originals as I took ideas from a lot of those I saw on the web and changed them to suit myself.   They were all easy to do in Word and I will freely admit to being just slightly obsessed with using different shapes  for different areas… vbg.

So far the system is working and I think this week will be the major test.  With a week until Christmas Eve, James having his Grade 6 Graduation ceremony tomorrow (Tues) night, his class break up Wednesday and finishing school on Thursday, Nicola and I driving to Bendigo Thursday for two Orthodontist appointments on Friday then coming home after the last one, Elise working all week as everyone has decided they need new Lawns just before Christmas and Ashley doing his usual running around madly trying to finish jobs off before he takes a much deserved two week break over Christmas and the New Year –  take a deep breath now – the home management system will be truly tested.


3 thoughts on “Being Organised

  1. Looks pretty good I’m impressed. I love the cans with the pens in them. A thought about expenses, if you have Microsoft office on your computer then you probably have Excel and you could use that to keep track of weekly/monthly/yearly expenses. I think my husband might use Quicken, which helps to keep track of all sorts of things that are money related.

  2. What an excellent idea! I used to make so many lists when our 3 children were at home but either they were forgotten or misplaced. Setting up a corner where everything can be kept in one place is a great idea. As far as the menus are concerned I had a page set up on my computer where I listed out the menu for the week and then I simply put it on the fridge so everyone knew what was for dinner that night. As everyone in the family is a comedian it became a place to write what they thought should be for dinner….however lobster and pheasant under glass was way out of our budget back in the day !!!?? :-0

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