Green Jelly……..Anyone?????

Yesterday Elise and I were at the Primary School cleaning Air conditioner filters. It’s part of the work Ashley does up there and as it’s a pretty non technical kind of thing and doesn’t need a special licence  we were volunteered to go up and do the dirty deed as Ashley was flat out with Air conditioner breakdowns and cool room problems.

Just as we were finishing up Marilyn in the office asked me if I had a cool room and could the school put jelly in it.   For a brief moment the mind boggled…..wicked grin.

Today the school is having a “Green Day” where the kids can all wear green for a gold coin donation and green jelly in cups are to be sold all to raise money to improve the garden spaces around the school.  Of course we have a cool room and after some discussion with the teachers organising the whole event we ended up bringing home two bulk packets of jelly, plastic cups, several bags of sour worm lollies to put in each cup and some boxes to sit the jellies in so they didn’t spill all over the cool room.

After a quick shower (we couldn’t make jelly with that much dust all over us) and a cuppa and meat pie – yes we are good trades people…..vbg – we started.

Getting organised

Getting organised was easy – place 200 cups into boxes and add a sour worm to each.

1.1 kg jelly crystals

We both loved the fact we had green jelly crystals (1.1 kg of crystals in each packet) and a green bucket to mix it all in.


Add 11 litres of water and mix well before pouring into plastic cups.

Jelly In Cool Room
Carefully transfer each box of jelly cups into the cool room and breathe deeply of the lime jelly smell each time you walk in there.  Yes we did make sure Ralf was out of the cool room before we shut the door. You can see him inspecting our work at the bottom of the photo.

Spend another 20 minutes wiping down benches and floors that were sticky with jelly spills even though we thought we were being so very careful.

The jelly is supposed to be picked up from here around 1 pm in time for lunch.  We only had half the jelly to do as several of the children were helping the teachers and the staff room refrigerators were already full – hence the cry for help.  Apparently this jelly will sell like the proverbial hot cakes and they are hoping to raise quite a bit of money.  I hope so.

Today is also the day the kids get to try out their solar boat/cars – can’t remember which one it was. James, while he loved his model, wasn’t looking forward to standing outside in 44 degree heat just to see it worked. I’m guessing the teachers will be keeping a very close eye on all the children and making sure they drink heaps.



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