A Wooly Project

Yesterday when Elise and I checked out the op shop I found a shopping bag full of knitted squares and paid the princely sum of $2.50 for the lot.  They are all knitted with acrylic yarn so will be the ideal blanket for her to use – just throw it in the washing machine and hang out to dry.

A knitted project

When we got home I suggested to Elise that putting all the squares together should be her winter project while she is away in Bendigo. She has two months off during the middle of the year and if there isn’t any work for her here it will be  good way to fill in time.

Luckily she agreed and spent an hour this morning deciding on what square would go where.  I suggested that she crochet (another new skill to learn) around each square in black then sew them together. It will give a uniformity to each square as some are a little different in size and will also mean that sewing them up will be lots easier when she doesn’t have to worry about the stitches showing.   Elise agreed!!! I must be on a roll…..vbg.

Quality Control Inspector

This afternoon she is sewing on paper tags that will be numbered so when it comes time to sew the blocks together she will know which one goes where. A photo has also been taken using her phone – so there is no excuse now for not continuing with the rug due to not knowing what square goes where. The Quality Control Inspector aka Ajax just had to make sure she was sewing the tags on properly.

Ajax - Helping??
He wasn’t impressed however, that we weren’t taking his roll in the whole matter seriously.


4 thoughts on “A Wooly Project

  1. What wonderful squares. Kind of heart-breaking thinking that they weren’t finished into an afghan because whoever knit them did a great job from what I can see.

    Makes me wonder what the story is behind them. The knitter couldn’t be bothered to finish off the project and cleaned house; the husband accidently cleaned them up; it was grandmom’s stash and she passed on; the knitter walked out leaving stuff behind; mom knit them and child couldn’t be bothered to sew them together; aunt so and so made them and gave them to someone…etc, etc. Most likely it was a project that got put aside and then the house got cleaned and other projects were in the works.

    LOL, oh the drama of it all. I have to admit that half the time I buy something from the op-shop I do it because I feel sorry for the object but in this case I think you made a real find. The colours are a bit funky but I think it’ll be a grow throw just because of that, a real conversation piece.

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