Another Apron

I found this free downloadable Vintage Apron Pattern Booklet from Tipnut a couple of weeks ago and in it was a 1945 Apron.  The kind I really like with straps over the shoulder with a back band so the straps don’t fall off your shoulders.

Apron for Nicola front View

Last week I cut it out of an extra large men’s shirt I picked up at the op shop for a dollar and finally found time to sew it today.  The green bias binding also came from the op shop. The fact it’s super hot outside, the air conditioner is going and it’s peaceful in my sewing room had nothing to do with this sudden burst of industry.

It worked – with a few variations.  ; – )))

Yes like recipes I don’t follow a pattern to the letter plus I had to fit it out of the shirt as I didn’t have any other fabric to match it.

Finally finished – the trouble was it didn’t fit me.  : – O

Apron For Nicola

Apparently 1945 housewives were of a different build to me. Luckily though Nicola is built along 1945 lines and the apron fits her beautifully.  The whole apron cost me less than $1.50 which I think is a bargain and best of all Nicola loves it.

If you want to make yourself an apron like this it’s in the “Full Aprons” download (which I think was the first one) and it’s the Utility Apron with Cap (1945).


2 thoughts on “Another Apron

  1. Too funny for words I just downloaded that same booklet yesterday from tipnut. LOL, I was looking for a pattern similar to Miss Kay’s on Duck Dynasty – the one they sell in their store for $75.00 so I’m thinking for $1.50 you’re doing alright!

  2. Nice apron! I think everyone was starving from war rations in 1945, so fair enough that its small. Love the idea of making it from an old shirt (very appropriate – I think they were told to “make do and mend” during the war). Wish I had an airconditioned sewing room….

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