To Bendigo….and back.

Today I woke at 6.20 am, had breakfast and headed off to Bendigo.

Elise is home in Swan Hill and today the plumber was to come and fix her constantly running toilet at her house in Bendigo.

Elise would have gone to Bendigo but she has had a bad cold, infected throat (the antibiotics the Doc prescribed are working thank goodness) and a cough that I swear is coming from her toes it’s so bad, and was in absolutely no condition to drive two hours to let a plumber in.

Yes I know the plumber could have got the key from the real estate agents but last time we let anyone in her house to do work they tracked mud in everywhere, stood on her kitchen table on top of everything she had on there – the dirty footprints on the place mats were a dead give away – just so they could pull out a non-working smoke alarm and left a mess in general.  So Elise decided that from now any any workers entering her house could only be there when she was there.

It was a good trip down – not to much traffic and I was standing in her kitchen by 9 am.

I cleaned up – as you do – scrubbed the loo – cause I can’t stand the thought of a plumber working on an unclean toilet and generally pottered for a hour. I had just put the kettle on for a cuppa when Elise rang me.

The plumber had just called – well his secretary or wife or someone – to say he couldn’t get there today and it would be a fortnight before he could show up.


Elise did point out to the person that as she was sick in Swan Hill that her mother (see my halo glowing nicely…lol) had driven to Bendigo especially to let the plumber in.  The person calling said she was really sorry but as it wasn’t urgent there was nothing she could do.


So I had my cup of tea, ate a ham sandwich and got back into the car and drove home again.

I walked in my door at 12.30 pm, had two more ham sandwiches (they were really nice) another cup of tea and crawled into bed for a couple of hours sleep.

Tonights tea is not a gourmet affair and I think I hear my bed calling me already and it’s only 6.30 pm.

PS  Next time the plumber might just have to work on a dirty loo.


2 thoughts on “To Bendigo….and back.

  1. That’s a shame about the plumber not showing. Next time make the appointment for later and phone to make sure he’ll be there. Of course hindsight now but what are you going to do. Maybe you should charge him a non-appearance fee for your inconvience.

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