It Was One of Those Days aka A Small Rant

I had to do a few jobs down the street after I dropped off Nicola this morning at school.  First was the supermarket.  Safeways/Woolworths.  Now I haven’t like shopping here for quite some time, normally I do the main shop at Aldi and the left overs at Coles,  but today it was just easiest – or so I thought.

Quick whip around the store and noticed that toothpaste was on special.  As part of my stockpiling I grab anything that we use regularly and buy 10 or more of that product. I then don’t buy it again until it is on special – which could be anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.  Today  the toothpaste was less than $2 a tube normally it retails for around $2.50.  Arrived at the checkout and as the young man was serving me I noticed that the toothpaste was showing at the “normal” price and I queried him.  He was about to check for me when another of the staff – a lady I know quite well – asked what the problem was.  I explained the toothpaste was on special.  Then she asked me did the “special” tag have an orange or pink stripe on it?  Of course I couldn’t remember I just knew it was on special.  Ahh she declared – it’s on special if you use your “rewards card”.  HUHHH!!! You mean I only get that item for that price if I have a special card issued by your store so they can track what I spend and on what and offer me promotions of which I am not interested in anyway?  Hmm as it happened I did have a rewards card but haven’t used it in probably 2 years and should get rid of it.  I used the card and sure enough the toothpaste was on special.  As for querying why I had to have the card – the only thing the staff could tell me was that the supermarket wanted all their customers to have them.

Guess what – I WON’T be shopping at Safeways any more.

On to the bank…..where I then stood in line for fifteen minutes along with six other people while one staff member served her customer – who as it happened (and it sometimes does) had a number of queries that needed sorting out.  Another staff member appeared and as luck would have it had a customer who also had a number of queries. All of a sudden staff came out of a small room clutching their coffee cups and scuttling out the back of the bank.  Guess what by then another 10 mins had passed and more people had joined the waiting line.  As luck would have it I was next in line and I was served by the Bank Manger himself!!!!

I couldn’t help myself. In my sweetest voice I asked just why the service in this bank was so poor? Why did we the customers,have to line up for so long and just where was his staff if they weren’t at the counter serving?  He apologised profusely and said they were in a meeting.  I didn’t bother mentioning that a meeting first thing Monday morning was hardly an appropriate time when the bank is generally busy then.  Instead I told him that every time I had to come into the bank I had to wait.  He asked how often I had to wait – the man obviously has a hearing problem!!  Again I said every single time and that quite frankly the service was so bad in this particular banking institution that I was seriously considering closing all our accounts and the mortgage and going somewhere where my business was appreciated.    He looked at me in shock and said “Would you really?”  Again – the man has a hearing problem or maybe I was speaking in something other than English and he didn’t understand me.  I smiled my sweetest smile and said yes – and it wasn’t an idle threat either – Ashley and I have been looking around and weighing up our options.  Again he apologised profusely and said that in a few weeks they would be getting another staff member so that should help. I didn’t both saying that a few weeks was a few days too long and they needed several staff members not just one.

Now the hunt is on for a new banking institution although the idea of stashing money under the mattress or in a milk can, as I have read in several books of late, is appealing.  Just think the longest part of the whole process of gaining access to my money was remembering just where I had stashed it.    ; – )))

On the the Post Office I went.  No card there to say a parcel had arrived but  I knew it had as I had checked the tracking number online before I left home.  Luckily I had written down the tracking number and that it was an “e-parcel” before I left.  Got into the post office,  no huge line up for a change,  and said to the woman behind the counter that a parcel would be there waiting for me and here was the tracking number and handed over what I had written down.  Sure enough the parcel was there. I asked why a card hadn’t been put in my post office box.  “Oh we aren’t doing that any more.  You would have received a voice mail message saying the parcel was there”.  Mmmm no I didn’t.  “The message would have gone to your home phone number.”  Mmmmm no it didn’t.  Ashley was home all morning and I checked with him when I finally got home to see if a message had been left and there wasn’t.  So I had to ask – just why they weren’t using the cards any more.  I was told it was the “new way” of doing things.  Ok fine – so you want a new way of doing things – no problems……….but if you are going to ring someone then for heavens sake – RING THEM!!!! This isn’t the first time it has happened. I had a final notice card in the mail a week or so ago. If I hadn’t collected the parcel then they would have sent the parcel back to where it was posted from.  I did mention then that I hadn’t even received a first notice and if I had I would have picked up the parcel as we were waiting on it.  The woman serving me just shrugged and said she didn’t know what had happened.

Now I’m wondering if I will be even notified if the next parcel I am expecting  is even there.  Trouble is with that one there is no tracking number so I might just have to haunt the Post Office to get my parcel.  If the same mish mash of notification happens again I might just have to smile sweetly at the Post Office Manager and let him know what I think of his “New Ideas.”

Unfortunately there is only one Post Office in town so the option of changing isn’t an option.



2 thoughts on “It Was One of Those Days aka A Small Rant

  1. Hmmm, I had a nice long post from yesterday and it seems to have disappeared. Oh well I won’t go into it again but to say I totally get it and sympathize with you.

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