My Tuesday

There are several ways I can describe today….


Bread Dough

Bread dough – now made into rolls with chicken  and salad in them for lunch.


Elise is feeling better after her cold yesterday and her car started this morning.  For some reason the brand new battery (that was put in only a couple of weeks ago after the old one died) went flat last week.  Luckily a Tradesman came to her rescue and jump stated the car.  The hunt is on for a new reasonably priced car that both Elise and Ashley and I can afford.  Yes it’s a joint effort  ; – )))



Washing is done for the day.  It’s cold and cloudy and looks like rain so there’s no point hanging anything outside.


Kettles on Fire

Two kettles on the fire gently boiling. It’s a day for lots of cups of tea and as I made ginger biscuits yesterday it must be time for morning tea.


Nicola is on Biology camp in Melbourne and I had several texts this morning to say all is well. She will be home tonight no doubt exhausted and pleased to be sleeping in her own bed.


James Chainsaw Lesson

Ashley decided, much to James’s delight, that  it was time that James learnt how to use a chain saw safely on Sunday when we went out to get wood.

Now I know there are some that would say that a 12 (nearly 13) year old boy shouldn’t be using power tools let alone a chainsaw but Ashley and I take the view that the sooner the children learn the safer they will be.  We would far rather teach all three kids how to use tools safely when they are young and will listen to each and every safety rule and only be allowed to operate those tools when we are around – than have them turn 18, rush out with a chainsaw thinking that they know everything and cut down a tree or cut up a log and have a tragedy happen.

James did really well and made sure when he wasn’t sure how to cut the log to ask Dad what to do and how to do it.  Nicola and I loaded the wood into the trailer and were hard pressed to keep up with the “boys”  once they got going.


Finally the extension to the fence is happening. It is going from where the steel fence ended to the far side of the chook pen. It will block the neighbours view of our yard, keep the girls safe and, hopefully, stop Milly barking rude things at the neighbours and their dogs.


One thought on “My Tuesday

  1. Good to hear from you on life’s happenings. I’m imagining fresh bread hot out of the oven with butter and honey and it’s being eaten with a good cuppa of tea from the stove 🙂

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