Proper Gardening Weather

At last we have had some  Proper Gardening Weather. We had rain Tuesday, according to my Mum a whole inch, which was lovely.  Gentle and soaking and just what the gardeners and farmers ordered.

Wednesday the sun was out a soft, and surprisingly warm breeze was blowing and it was time to go outside.  Washing hung on the line, Nicola and James were informed it was a “all hands on deck” day and that Mum needed help in the garden.  Yes there was some grumbling  but as I promised Nicola another driving lesson she worked very willingly and James will always work if he is allowed to drive the Kanga and cart stuff around in it.  When it comes to gardening and getting help I’m always willing to bribe my children.

Nicola weeded the bed with the onions, carrots, leeks and garlic and lots of weeds in it.

Nicola Weeding
She did an amazing job and was very pleased with her work.  Note the bird protection – the blackbirds are giving my garden a real going over at the moment and anything is at risk of being dug out by them….especially small and tender plants.

James bought up a new tub of split wood for the fire. Ashley got a few old fruit bins off one of the growers and we stack the wood in them now. The Kanga has a forklift attachment which makes it easy to pick up the crates and bring them up to the house. Depending on the weather a crate of wood lasts us about a week.  Best of all it saves the long arguments about whose turn it is to fill the wheelbarrow with wood and bring it to the house.


Then both of my willing workers helped me weed this long bed (photo below), prune roses, dump lots of grass in the chook pen for the girls to pick over and generally tidy up.  The whole exercise only took about an hour and a half and we went inside several inches taller with all the mud on our boots, Nicola with a blister on her hand from hoeing and all three of us nicely exercised  from our work.

Milly Guarding the Garden

Milly helped by running back and forth along the fence barking replies at next doors dogs who were barking rude things at her. She wasn’t impressed by their comments at all.

Lacy Lady Pea

The gorgeous Liz from Eight Acres and I had a seed swap the other week. Both of us wanting to try new seeds as well as old favourites and hoping to spread the gene pool a little more in what we grow.  Liz sent me a wonderful envelope full of a variety of seeds including some I had never grown before.  Red Mustard, Pickling Cucumbers, Poor Man’s Beans (Lab Lab), Spagetti Squash – which I tried once years ago and haven’t tried since,  were just some of the treasures as well as Lacy Lady Peas – photographed above for your viewing pleasure…vbg.

Temporary Hot House

I’m not sure what they will be like but the name intrigued me if nothing else so into the vegie garden they went last week, were dutifully watered in and a temporary hot house set up over them just to encourage them to grow.  The hot house is just an old fluro light cover from a light Ashley had to remove from somewhere. The covers are about a metre long and only narrow and are ideal for covering a row of seeds allowing them to warm up nicely will still letting the light through. In time they do disintegrate with the sunlight but at least by using them this way they are getting reused rather than going straight to the rubbish tip.

I’m hoping the rain we had on Tuesday will give these seeds a really good shove in the growing direction and that I will soon have baby pea plants growing.

In the mean time we have had more rain this morning (Thursday) and there is more forecast which is brilliant. It’s very dry all around here and although farmers have planted crops they must be starting to really worry about those emerging plants.

I’m itching to get out and do more weeding while the kids are home but this morning was spent down the street shopping and having coffee with Ashley then home to tidy up before I have a much needed hair cut.

Perhaps tomorrow I might be lucky to play in the dirt again.

4 thoughts on “Proper Gardening Weather

  1. Great post!!! I understand all about bribery; we are headed to the beach today as a bribed reward for helping me clean the laundry room and entryway yesterday 🙂
    Milly is such a pretty dog; and thanks for sharing all the loot via pictures. It’s always great to see what and how others grow their garden; specially in different parts of the world.

  2. must be the week for pruning roses. I have been hanging on as they have still been blooming, but pruned those in pots and in the veggie garden. Still need to do the fence ones but handyman cut me two buds and pruned the main rose bed today and put in two pots of cuttings. I had a great strike rate last year. No idea what I will do with them…but have put them in as I cannot bear to throw them all out. Same as hydrangea …yet to be pruned.

  3. Poor man’s beans (aka lablab) I tried them up here a couple years back. The vine was like the Day of the Triffids!! In fact I am still pulling out seedlings!
    Never again!

  4. Looks brilliant, I so wish I had the help to bribe that you do. The garden was very overgrown before we went away for nine days and now looking down on it I shudder to think of all the work it needs. Love the way you are recycling and making use of items that are just sitting there.

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