The Kindness of Strangers

Today I have to say that this family’s belief in the goodness of mankind has been renewed.

James and Elise are in Bendigo as it is school holidays. Today was their shopping day and they were nearly finished there was only the groceries to load into the car at Aldi and then they were going back to Elise’s house for tea before heading out to the movies.

Discussing who gets the chair

All of that sounds wonderful except Elise shut the boot of her car and it locked it’self with her keys, phone, purse and anything else of value in it.

There was a lady in the next car space loading her groceries into the car and she kindly leant Elise her phone so Elise could firstly call home to ask if we had a spare key for her car?  No we didn’t so then we gave her the number of the RACV  and she had to ring them and they would come and unlock her car.  If they couldn’t get there it meant an emergency dash to Bendigo for Ashley and I to rescue two of our children.

Elise rang the RACV (still using this wonderful ladies phone) they would be there in an hour and then rang us again to say don’t worry we will be rescued, profusely thanking this lady all the time.

I have just had another phone call from Elise – on her phone thank goodness – to say the lovely young mechanic (who wasn’t much older than Elise it seemed) had arrived, apologised for being so long in arriving and had unlocked her car.  He even had time to tease James and tell him not to look at how he unlocked the car as he din’t want him to know how to break into cars when he, James, was older. The mechanic then said to James “perhaps you had better watch so you can rescue your sister next time”. ; – )))

So the two intrepid travellers are at Elise’s safe and sound and unpacking their groceries.  Tonight is the movies.  Tomorrow is a day of staying home and resting.

It must be the weekend for Elise’s to have problems as last night travelling down to Bendigo – being careful because of the rain and bad light conditions – she and another car going in the opposite direction were almost hit by an idiot driver who decided he just had to pass with no room between both cars to pass.  As she said – thank goodness I was driving carefully.

Ashley and I are just grateful that there are complete strangers out there who cared enough to help two young people in trouble and stayed until they made sure they were ok.

I can assure you that Elise is getting a spare key cut for her car as soon as possible and it will be attached to her car somewhere in case this happens again.

5 thoughts on “The Kindness of Strangers

  1. Glad both of the kids are safe and sound. Is it bad of me to have a Harlequin Romance moment imagining Elise and the young mechanic getting together and having a date? I’ve been reading too many romance novels lately I think vbg.

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