Knitting Progress

At last I feel like I might be on the edge of the land of the living.

I must have been more run down and tired than I thought for this bug to hit me the way it did. A week swapping between the bed and the chair beside the fire, no housework or cooking (thank goodness Elise was home) and several nanny naps each day was all I could manage.  It’s taken another week to even get to the stage where I can do more than one job before I need a sit down to gather up some more energy.

The good part about all this sitting around was I did actually manage to get quite a bit of knitting done…..even if it was just one row at a time and resting in between. I have discovered that lacy patterns are all very well but ask me to concentrate on more than a single row and you are asking for trouble and lots of “unknitting”  ; – (((

Finally, what started as the Silver Bells Scarf is finished. It is now the Silver Bells Table Runner as the wool was much too scratchy to even contemplate putting next to someone’s skin plus there wasn’t enough wool to make a scarf.

Silver Bells Table Runner

It will fit very nicely on my big wooden side board and will look lovely on the honey coloured pine.

Silver Bells Table Runner

I am really pleased with it and honestly if you are tempted by it have a go. The pattern is very easy and you purl on every second row so your brain really only has to think for one row then gets a rest.

Silver Bells Table Runner Close Up of Pattern

I have also been experimenting with knitting bowls and then felting them.

I spun this wool from some rolls of Wool Joy had given me twelve months ago and then dyed them.

They have been sitting patiently waiting for the right project and finally it came along.

I was searching Raverly for felted bags and found this pattern for some gorgeous Felted Spinning Wheel Bags.  What a useful and cute little bag. I always seem to have tools that I need for spinning lying around  but there has been no where to put them close to the wheel  where I can easily find them.

So I started experimenting……

Knitted Felted Bowls

Sorry it’s not the best photo but I wasn’t taking them outside to take a better picture – it was minus 2.6 degrees and there was frost everywhere this morning – so I’m afraid you will have to put up with this photo.

The sea green bag is the smallest and just the right size – I halved the number of stitches the pattern said and it worked out the size I wanted.  The Pink and green bag I made first following the instructions and it’s too big for the wheel but is the perfect size to hang on my chair in the lounge room with a centre pull ball of wool in it for when I am knitting or crocheting.  Both of these bags have a felted strap that does up with a button so I can hang them anywhere.  The orange and green bowl is larger and a good size for storing small projects.

I must admit it does feel good to have one project finished and to have had time to experiment with another.  I am also nearing the end on another felted bag I am knitting.  Just some more pattern repeats on the handles then it can be felted and revealed.

Maybe being so sick was a good thing?



4 thoughts on “Knitting Progress

  1. Glad you’re feeling better, the lacy is lovely! And I think the pattern is shown off better by being on the table than around your neck 🙂 can you recommend the easiest lace pattern you know? I’ve been working on sock lately, phew those double ended needles are confusing and I haven’t got to the heel yet!

  2. The silver bells is lovely Catherine I’m going to have to give it a try and I agree with farmer_liz that it looks great sitting on the table.

    Hope you continue to improve and I’m glad that you’re being sensible and taking the time to rest and recoupe your energy.

    Love the felted bags and bowls. It’s something that I haven’t tried yet but I love seeing felted projects especially bags and hats.

  3. Very impressive. I gave up knitting and gave almost all of my wool away and now find myself knitting scarves when my girlfriend comes with spare sets on the go,
    I refuse to go back to knitting.Been there and one that and too many other toys to play with now……..LOL.

  4. hoping I have the right blog!!! … I remember reading about you? repurposing a jumper you’d gotten from an opshop… undoing the knit so you could re-use the yarn? Hubby has a navy blue woollen jumper we were about to throw out when he asked if there was any good use for it, as it is real wool. You came to mind so I thought I’d ask if it’s something you could use even though it’s got large elbow holes in it or is it something that at that point is of no use to anyone and we ought bin it?

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