They may be slightly used but I don’t want any that are wheezy – mine are doing that on their own.


In perfect working order. No throats that have swallowed a handful of cut glass or have been stuck by sharp, shiny knitting needles need apply.


Just a couple of sips would do. Enough that walking between the bed and the loo doesn’t feel like it’s a distance of a 1000 miles!

Chief Cook/Bottle Washer/Maid/Driver/Gardener

Position Filled. 

Thank goodness Elise was home after finishing her final exam and she has picked up the reins for me and is doing wonderfully.

To be honest she doesn’t have a whole lot of choice.  Her car destroyed it’s Head Gasket last week – apparently that’s BAD – and she can’t go anywhere until Ashley picks up the part (he has ordered it), puts the engine back together and tests it which probably won’t happen until this weekend. If the engine is ruined then it looks like we will be looking for a new car for her. Fingers crossed it isn’t that bad.  In the mean time she is driving my car with strict instructions that if she dents it, scratches it or worst still – crashes it – she won’t have a home to go to either in Bendigo or here.

Normal transmission will return as soon as I feel slightly less like death warmed over.

On the up side I have managed to get a few projects finished – one row at a time with plenty of rests in between and should have some show and tell soon.

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