Yes Broccoli. That yummy green vegetable that looks like little trees and tastes fantastic with white sauce.  A staple vegetable in this household.

Finally the broccoli were ready to pick. I only picked three heads as they were the right size – if there is such a thing as right sized broccoli that is.  The other three will be left to grow for a bit longer.

Fresh Picked Broccoli

Cut up they filled the bowl nicely.


Blanched they turn a stunning green.  The secret to blanching is to have the water boiling before you put the vegetables in and to time the three minutes from when you put the vegetables in the water – Not from when the water comes back to the boil.  Make sure the water is boiling before you put the next lot of vegetables in however.  It only takes a minute or two and you’re ready to go.

Draining prior to freezing

I put them into a bowl filled with chilled water to stop the blanching process then lay them on a cake rack to drain. This only takes a minute or two. Generally by the time I have put another lot of vegetables into the boiling water this batch is chilled enough.

Ready to Freeze

From there they get put onto a baking tray after any excess water is shaken off them, and put into the freezer. Once they are completely frozen I will pack them into a bag for use later on.

I have had people tell me that it’s not worth growing and freezing vegetables. That it takes too much time and effort.  This whole excerise took me a total of thirty minutes.

I picked the broccoli heads. Cut off a few leaves went down and let the chooks out and gave them the leaves as a treat and collected the two  freshly laid eggs. Back into the house, put the water onto boil while I washed and cut up the broccoli.  Once the water was boiled it only took about 15 minutes to blanch and put onto a tray the broccoli and into the freezer it went.  I then cleaned up.  In the middle of it all I was letting Milly in and out of the house – She was complaining that Ajax had stolen her bone…sigh….and I was taking photos.

I have five meals worth of lovely fresh broccoli that is organically grown, has cost me nothing more than some of my time, some chook manure and some water.

You just can’t get that kind of meal from the super market.

It’s a good feeling knowing that this home grown broccoli has joined it’s carrot friends that I froze a few weeks ago and the cream of celery soup that I made and froze last week.  There’s nothing like a stock pile of fresh home grown vegetables that makes life feel good.


5 thoughts on “Broccoli

  1. looks beautiful, I have one broccoli head nearly ready, I don’t think I planted enough to have extra to freeze. I have been freezing beans without blanching them, because I was too lazy, but maybe I should take the time (now you make it look so easy) as I do notice that the taste deteriorates.

    • Good growing. I have mulched and fed and organized, lots of layers, my main vegie bed and have not planted any winter stuff this year.
      I am a bit too much of a market gardeners daughter to get excited about the brassicas….handled too many in my life……

  2. I haven’t commented in awhile, dear, but felt compelled to write a lil something after today’s post. So so sorry to hear you’re under the weather! And equally as sorry to hear about possible the car illness too.

    As for your post about freezing broccoli… Good for you!!! Just tonight, our table was filled with a meal completely grown, harvested, and/or butchered by our own hands. Continue sharing pics and stories of your harvests…… You must be nearing harvest time?

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