Elise and I had a lovely weekend together.

I was at Elise’s house by 3.30 pm Friday so we popped out, after a restorative cup of tea, to the local wood stove/heater shop in Bendigo. It was a good thing that we did check out what was available as two stoves that I was seriously tempted by were not what I wanted at all….too small and the oven part of them was so low to the ground I would have had to kneel in order to remove the roast/bread/cakes that I was cooking. As I want this stove to last me a great many years…… ie twenty or more…the idea of bending down or kneeling that much did not appeal. I did find the stove I wanted and it’s now on my wish list. It’s not a modern square looking stove that costs thousands – more a modest “old fashioned” kind that is exactly what I have in mind and is more reasonably priced. Time will tell if I actually get it or have to make more compromises.

Saturday we decided on a road trip to Daylesford.

It was one of those days where misty rain, cold winds and freezing tempretures were the norm but that didn’t stop us enjoying the drive.


We saw cows and several flocks of black faced sheep which Elise loved.  Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of them.

Over Hills

We travelled through lovely bush……..

Sweeping Bends

….around sweeping bends…….

Autumn Colour

…….and saw the last of the magnificent autumn leaves that were still clinging to the trees.

Neither of us have explored Daylesford at all and due to the weather exploring was curtailed but we did spend several delightful and surprise filled hours at  The Mill Markets.  What an amazing place and the staff were so friendly and helpful.  Truly it was a pleasure shopping and browsing there.

Both Elise and I love the quirky and different and, in my case, the old when it comes to decorating our homes.  Unfortunately I get a bit sidetracked by the new and modern (I blame the myriad of new houses that Ashley and I work in – all those gleaming surfaces are nice but so hard to maintain when I think about it) but wandering around a place like this really does bring home to me that I feel most comfortable with items that have a history about them.  Items that have stood the test of time and were made to last whether it be an antique ferret cage…..

Antique Ferret Cage

…..which I don’t mind admitting I was seriously tempted by. Not because I have ferrets but because it was different and quirky and I fell in love with it.


…or the folding chair that Elise found and that we both loved.

We didn’t buy it – both of us are regretting that now.  On a side note if anyone has seen a wood working plan for this kind of chair could you let me know please. Elise would love to have a go at making one (or more) as Ashley really liked it too.

Elise did buy a beautiful pedestal stand.

Pedestal Table

It’s hard to see in the photo but the middle of the twisted part is actually hollow and each twist of wood is entirely separate.  Elise says when she has time she will remove the top – it’s not a very good quality and replace it with a slightly larger top that is more in proportion to the height of the stand.  The photo doesn’t really show the colour of the wood either. It’s a warm rich honey colour that just catches your eye and warms the soul.

Finally we had seen all we wanted, and spent our imaginary millions – in my case I had completely ripped out my kitchen and replaced it with solid wooden furniture that had the marks of use and time upon them – and headed back into Daylesford for a pie for lunch.

The Chocolate Mill

Heading back to Bendigo we stopped at the Chocolate Mill for a quick look and then home.

It was a really lovely day even with the cold weather and we are planning on doing more exploring of the region whenever we can fit a trip in.

I was home by lunchtime on Sunday leaving Elise to her homework.

This morning I woke  up with the beginnings of Elise’s cold – thanks sweetheart for sharing that with me – and feeling totally exhausted. Forgetting my medication and thinking that I could miss two days without feeling the ill effects of it obviously was not the sensible thing to do.

Today (now the morning has gone by with washing and baking) will be spent in front of the heater knitting and staying warm.

I hope your weekend was as full of wonderful memories as ours was.

One thought on “Daylesford

  1. both our woodstove have/had the oven low down and it is a pain to bend down and put the trays on the hearth when you’re opening the door etc, and they are stupidly expensive. I have heard of people restoring old style Aga stoves, so maybe that will suit you better if you can find the right one.

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