Some Finishes

With the cooler weather arriving, especially at night, it is very pleasant sitting next to the fire  knitting and it has meant that I’m getting quite a bit done  and most of it from my projects bag where I place wool and patterns into bags for that ‘quick I need something to knit” moment.  it saves thinking when the urge to knit strikes me…vbg.

I found the Antelope Hat pattern ages ago and loved it.

Antelope Hat

When I finally found the perfect yarn – it was in my stash all along – it went into the projects bag to be pulled out just a few weeks ago.  Yes that is how far behind I am on blogging my finished projects.

Antelope Hat

It is super easy and knitted up really fast which is my idea of a good project.

Antelope Hat

I knitted the pattern repeat three times to make it a slouch beanie but could have knitted another pattern repeat as I ended up with enough left over yarn.

Antelope Hat by BoHo knits

Best of all the self striping yarn (Moda Vera “Fauna” from Spotlight) worked perfectly to show off the pattern.  James isn’t super sure he likes it, as you can probably tell from his face,  but I love it and can see myself wearing it for work lots this winter as it’s long enough to pull right down over my ears.

Next was the Gossypium Cowl which you can find on Raverly.


Don’t be fooled and think that this is a difficult knit. It isn’t. The pattern is lovely and repetitive and easy and a delight to knit.  The fact I started this cowl several times is irrelevant and entirely the fault of the knitter and not the pattern. First I managed to twist the stitches when joining them in the round and discovered that mistake five rows into the pattern.  Then I decided I hadn’t cast on enough stitches and had to start again adding another three pattern repeats.  Then I decided that I really didn’t like/love the look of the cowl knitted in a single strand of Moda Vera “Bamboo Wave” as it wasn’t showing the pattern enough. So I pulled it out yet again and started knitting with two strands of yarn.  Much, much better.


The pattern is based over four rows and it calls for 8 repeats of those rows. I didn’t do that many as I was running out of yarn but I think it’s fine as it is.  I played a fine game of yarn chicken with this cowl.   I ended up having to cast off the final edge in a single strand of yarn as there wasn’t enough left to knit with it doubled.  I actually like it like that – it’s not such a thick edging and it does sit much nicer.

I knitted myself a vest – finally. In one of my Spin Off Magazines there was a lovely pattern for a vest that is knitted sideways ie from the side seams to each front and then the side seam across the back to the other side seam.

Sideways Knitted Vest

Join all those bits together, knit a band up on front, across the back neck and down the other front and knit a band on each armhole and you’re done. Simple!!

Back View

I’m sorry the photos aren’t better but the wool is black alpaca that I hand spun as a single yarn and then plyed it with yarn from an acrylic jumper to make a slightly thicker yarn that is super soft and so warm.

I did alter the pattern slightly in that I added width to the back middle and to the fronts as the pattern was a small and I’m not – unfortunately!!!  It has stretched to the perfect length and was just the thing on Friday (when these photos were taken) and I went shopping.

Hand spun Alpaca plied with acrylic yarn

Sorry about the photo but this is the best I could take of what the yarn looks like.

Now I am working on the Silver Bells scarf except it’s more likely to end up as a lovely lacey table runner than a shawl.   I’m not sure I will have enough wool to complete it and to make matters worse I’m not sure what the fleece was that I used to spin this wool but I’m predicting it will be way to scratchy to wear around my neck.

Silver Bells Scarf

Regardless of those minor obstacles it is working out very nicely and if it means I have to retreat to a quiet corner of the house every now and then in order to concentrate on the pattern then that’s what I will do.  Actually I can do it while the TV is on providing no one wants my attention and there isn’t anything exciting happening on TV.  The only mistake I have made I think is that I should have used slightly smaller needles as when you look at the photos on Raverly the pattern is much more defined.  I still love it though and am have heaps more progress since this photo was taken.

Just so you are not completely bored with all the photos of knitting……


… are some apples from our trees. Granny Smith and possibly Pink Lady although I suspect it’s Royal Gala.  Either way they are lovely eat and as  James is eating apples by the dozen so it’s nice to have some lovely home grown organic apples for him to snack on.


4 thoughts on “Some Finishes

  1. Oh wow, I am SOOOOO impressed with your knitting. When the weather got cold again I got out my knitting bag, determined to keep practising and not give up when things didn’t look perfect, I can’t expect to be good at this right away, but it is taking all my patience! I have mastered casting on, knitting (and only knitting) in the round and casting off. Glad to hear that even a master can twist in the round, I did exactly that, but I decided to keep going, I think it might have a nice effect in the cowl I’m knitting, seeing as I can’t do any fancy stiches yet!! Now I really want to try something more sophisticated, so will be spending some time watching tutorials on youtube, its sad that you don’t live closer (actually probably lucky for you) because I would be asking you for lessons! Keep posting the lovely things you make, its keeping me motivated through all the dropped stiches. I love the lacy stitch on the scarf you’ve just started. Cheers, Liz

  2. Beautiful Catherine all of them and I love that you showed me a shot of the yarn, it looks very pretty. I think the hat is probably a little girly for James but will look wonderful on you and I love the cowl, the colour is so pretty.

    Also love the vest on you the yarn looks great and I love the length of it, I really hate short sweaters/tops. The silver bells looks great, I copied that somewhere and will have to try and remember to knit it up come the fall. Right now it was 30 degrees C today and the last thing I wanted to think about was knitting. I have one sock knitted and it might just remain one sock until the fall.

    Bought material for Charlie for some dresses. Can’t believe how expensive it is to make a homemade dress. Holiday tomorrow so some gardening and maybe some sewing as well.

    So nice that you get apples off your trees to eat. We had some trees but ended up cutting them down as John never kept on top of the spraying so the tiny apples were all wormy. You’re look pretty good.

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