Back To Normal Programming…..

It never ceases to amaze me just how spending time in my garden can ground me back into reality.

A reality where the uncontrollable events of our world cease to exist.

A reality where worries just disappear and time seems to stand still.

A reality where the only battle I have to engage in is the moving of plants, removing of weeds and planning what my garden might look like if there was unlimited money, manly garden help and all the time in the world.

I have spent the entire day out in the garden and loved it.

A row of Agapanthus

James and I planted a row of agapanthus which will in time be a lovely row of lush green foliage and hopefully some flowers although it might be a little too shady.

I spent the day on the Kanga cleaning up this weed infested bed. The agapanthus we planted came from here but the rest have been consigned to the bonfire.  Along with the three self seeded peppercorn trees which I defiantly didn’t want in the garden and especially not next to the pool not to mention all the grass and weeds and stray rose bushes.

Clean - at last

I did manage to avoid running over the Japanese Maple at the other end of the bed and I did leave the bottle brush with agapanthus at the base. Eventually the grass will spread over this area and it will be so much easier to mow and keep tidy.

The stump in the middle I can’t move so did suggest to Ashley, when he came to inspect my work, that a sculpture over the top of the stump would look nice.  He agreed but who knows when I will get it or what it might even be. It could be said the stump may rot away before any sculptures find their way into my garden…sigh.

Bird Feeder

I even found time to hang the bird feeder/water dish in the garden. It took a whole 30 seconds so why it took me so long I have no idea.

Before I went out gardening look at the new ornament we have in the ensuite….


….it must have been nice there in the sun and the infloor heating is on (Ashley doesn’t like cold toes when he gets out of the shower) and Jess decided it was the perfect spot for a snooze.  Lucky cat.


2 thoughts on “Back To Normal Programming…..

  1. Your garden is looking better than mine. Went out shopping hoping that when I’d come back that John would have gotten something done but no such luck. I should have sent him out shopping and worked on the garden myself.

    Happy Mother’s Day (Hmm, do you guys even celebrate it the same day we do?).

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