Apple and Mixed Berry Pies

Apple and Mixed Berry Pies

What do you do when you unearth two sheets of pastry from the freezer – one short crust and one puff?

What do you do when you also unearth a left over bag of mixed frozen berries?

Well of course you mix the berries with a small jar of Granny Smith Apples that were bottled from last years crop and a couple of table spoons of bread crumbs and put them into little pastry cases in the pie maker and bake them.!

You had to ask??

I must confess to forgetting I had the small pie maker it was so well hidden in the back of the cupboard that had a recent clean up.

I’m so glad I found it  and I just wish I had Smell-A-Blog as these are magnificant.

I’m thinking I might just have to get some more pastry and I’m thinking chicken and vegetable pies might be on the menu.

For the record too – home made pastry doesn’t seem to work in the pie maker – I have used it with not very successful results – so bought pastry it is unless someone has any suggestions.


Off to sit in the sun and do some spinning. I have gardened, hung out washing, made yogurt, baked pies and proof read the latest assignment for Elise. Time for some relaxation.


2 thoughts on “Apple and Mixed Berry Pies

  1. They look really yummy and as exciting as the fruit pie is the thought of chicken and veg pies is even more delish in my mind.

    Only question is what is a pie maker? Guess I’ll go google that one.

    • There is a youtube video, very interesting so these are little pies then, very cool. The appliance reminds me of the sandwich makers same concept.

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