Neptune’s Tears

Yet another $1.00 jumper from the op shop pulled apart although for a while there I didn’t think I would get any useable yarn from it at all.

40% Mohair, 32% polyester, 28% Acrylic

It was a machine knitted jumper and not only did I have over locking on the seams to contend with it also  had a sort of bias strip attached to some of the edges which made life interesting.  In the end I rescued what I could and abandoned the rest.

160 grams

The jumper is (or should I say was) 40% mohair, 32% polyester, 28% acrylic.  It has lovely and very subtle shades of green and bluey green.

I have a total of 160 grams which I am sincerely hoping is enough to crochet Neptune’s Tears as I think the colours and shading will be perfect.

Ready to Use

If that fails then I’m back to the drawing board.

I have no idea when I will get this started but I do have all the wool in a bag (carefully labelled so I don’t loose it) and I have the pattern saved for when the itch to begin it hits me.


3 thoughts on “Neptune’s Tears

  1. I think you’re right about the colour suiting a project called Neptune’s Tears and a crocheted shawl is nice. Too often all I see are the knitted patterns. I really think that for a shawl crochet goes faster. I think this will crochet up pretty fast once you get going on it and clever you to put the yarn and pattern together so it’ll be all ready for you when you decide to start it.

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