Gardening Progress

Sunday was a very successful gardening day for James and I.

The sun was shining – it was actually quite hot – cool breeze blowing and the two of us had plenty of energy. Well I did for a start – the energy levels were severely depleted by the end of the gardening antics.

We pulled apart an old bed and used the base where the mattress would sit as another climbing frame in the vegie garden.

Bed Mattress Climbing Frame

I’m still not sure whether to plant purple beans (they turn green when you cook them apparently) or cucumbers next to it come spring.

We set up and filled in the afternoon – well I did James told me he had some maintenance to do on his push bike – three more wicking beds.

More Wicking Beds

One was planted up today with Dwarf Blue Kale seeds and garlic cloves, the other with Bulls Blood Beetroot seed and lettuce seed I had collected from the garden.

New Wicking Bed

I still haven’t decided what to put in this one yet but note my clever water collection device.  When there is enough water  at the bottom of the bed the excess flows out that grey pipe you can see and I collect it and use it to water another bed.  I just wish I had thought of that idea when I set up the cast Iron baths. It makes so much sense not to waste any water.

The bed you can see  in the very bottom right hand corner is now planted up with garlic cloves, carrots, onion seedlings that I liberated from another bed and red bunching onion seeds.

Fleshy Trouts Back Lettuce

I took careful note of Karen’s suggestion of a colour scheme for my vegie garden toilet and planted Fleshy Trout’s Back lettuce seedlings in it. I’m hoping the red and green colour scheme is acceptable Karen…..vbg.

Fleshy Trouts Back Lettuce

I saw the seeds listed on ebay and in my usual gardening style the name appealed.  Further research has shown the lettuce is derived from an Austrian heirloom ‘Forellenschluse’ and is apparently supposed to be delicious.  It doesn’t  like heat though, according to what I have read, so it should be perfect for this time of year.  Regardless  of the name – which Nicola and James are not thrilled with – it is a very pretty plant and so far all that I have planted are doing very well.  These seedlings transplanted from the over crowded patch I have growing with no problems at all.

The Cauliflower and Broccoli I planted some time ago look like they are starting to develop their heads which will mean some lovely meals of fresh veg.  The peas are growing beautifully although James thinks I should have grown more as he is sure I haven’t planted enough for him to eat…lol.  It’s a bit of a hunt to find the English spinach amongst the Rocket as it really has taken off and the self seeded carrots are growing well. More and more carrots in the other beds are developing a very nice size. Thank you all for the lovely comments on my carrots in one of my other posts. I was a bit worried they might have been a bit woody – the carrots that is – but they were delicious.

Beetroot, silver beet, parsley, and cabbage are all growing strongly and even my tomatoes (a bit late but never mind) are developing a nice size and I picked one the other day that had a definite pink blush to it. Now I’m waiting to see if will ripen properly. It really wasn’t a good year this year for tomatoes – or maybe that was just the ones I grew.  Does any one know what Brandywine tomatoes are like and are they worth growing for flavour as well as being possibly used for sauce?  Or are there any other varieties you can recommend that are good for flavour and high in yield. I know it’s early to be thinking about tomatoes but I’m trying to get organised…….ok so that might not happen but any advice is useful.


4 thoughts on “Gardening Progress

  1. I love Brandywine – my long time favourite large tomato. Up here in northern NSW, they aren’t easy to grow – we have fruit fly amongst other pests. But I can get them early in the season, and it’s worth it. They are the most gloriously flavoursome tomatoes. The real gourmet delicacy.

  2. I grew brandywine the one year as well. It was a bad year for tomatoes so I can’t really remember exactly how they were like but the flavour was good. I’m not sure you’d use them for making sauce but I could be wrong. Very dark fruit that’s bi-coloured if I remember right, again I could be wrong. They are a heirloom tomato over here and very popular as a heirloom. Definitly I’d give them a go.

    Your garden is looking fantastic and providing motivation for me to go back out and work on mine. I cleared some scrub and dug up one bed yesterday but stopped after that as I’m so out of shape. Tendonitis in the one elbow doesn’t help either so I’m thinking no more than an hour at a time for me but if I go out every day it should work.

  3. Your vegie garden is so productive for this time of year, Calidore. Ours is still producing carrots, parsnips, onions, a few tomatoes and beans, and silver beet. Of course that was all planted back in the summer and we’ve not done anything for weeks. Four weeks in China left us with lots to clean up when we returned. I found 3 large pumpkins in the flower garden, which was very good. Our planted pumpkins did no good at all this year.

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