I told myself……

….no more patterns.

…..no more wool.

….no more starting new projects until I have worked on some of the back log of unfinished projects.

I just wish that sometimes I would listen to myself.

There is shawl that people are raving about.

It’s the Colour Affection Shawl by Veera Välimäki  and I will admit to falling in love with it instantly.

Completely, head over heels in love with it.

I resisted.  Truly I did. I told myself I did not need another pattern.  I told myself I did not have the yarn.  I told myself I wasn’t spending money – it was the year to save.

I didn’t listen to myself.

I bought the pattern.

I have the yarn – although I may need to dye some of it and in my defence it will reduce some of the sock weight wool I have.

Now I have a problem. The idea of spinning my own wool (which would reduce the fleece stash by just a little bit) is very appealing……………….incredibly……………………….awesomely appealing.

My problem is do I have the time for all that spinning?  Will my spinning skills allow me to create a lovely soft, fine and even yarn?  And once the yarn is spun will I be able to decide on what colours to make it in?

As I said I have a problem.

Off to rummage in my stash of fleece and see what’s ready to spin.  Ohh the possibilites.

I might just have to pull out the sock yarn too and see what’s there.

I think I’m incredibly happy that I don’t listen to myself.



3 thoughts on “I told myself……

  1. Ooh, I’ve been eyeing that shawl too.. I had been working on one of her other striped shawl patterns, but then my dog decided it was time to take my ball of yarn on a backyard adventure. Needless to say, it got scrapped…
    I just may have to grab some more and knit this one instead 🙂

  2. Noe C it is YOUR fault that I JUST had to look at that shawl and now I WANT it to… 😦 I too had sorta promised myself NO more stash building…. I think my daughter would like it too – so that makes it ok… Doesn’t it?????

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