Reclaimed Wool

One thousand and eighty three meters of beautifully soft yarn reclaimed from a cardigan I bought at the op shop for the princely sum of $1.oo.

1083 metres of yarn

It was hand knitted, a dream to pull apart and reskein.  Best of all when I washed it all those little kinks just dropped out of the yarn which made me suspect it was wool.

The burn test seemed to indicate it might be acrylic though as it smelt horrible, burnt fast and dropped into little melting balls.

Either way I’m so looking forward to knitting with it.  Now to find the perfect pattern.

Last night I finished pulling apart yet another jumper.  Another $1 bargain from the op shop.. It was a man’s jumper with a beautiful pattern – unfortunately Ashley doesn’t wear that kind of clothing so it will be reknitted into something I want to wear.

1650 metres of reclaimed yarn

There was a mountain of yarn – approximately 1650 meters which will let me make something quite fancy – I’m thinking maybe cables or some sort of pattern.  The colour is a beautiful deep cinnamon colour but alas once again the burn test showed it’s probably acrylic. On the plus side all the kinks dropped out when I washed it so it will be easy to knit.

Note to myself. Do NOT  do the burn test when James is sitting there watching me. He was really quite horrified at just how fast it caught on fire and melted and really doesn’t want me to knit it into anything. Sorry mate I will knit this up but I promise I will be extra careful around fires.  Just goes to show though that wool is the safest when it comes to  clothing.


3 thoughts on “Reclaimed Wool

  1. Reclaiming wool seems to be the way to go for a lot of people but given the price of yarns lately maybe it’s no surprise. Lady on Ravelry likes to buy cashmere and alpaca at the thrift shop and reclaim it.

    Clever of James to realize the fire hazard, it would never have occured to me.

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