I had to do it…..

For months and months I have been putting off the inevitable.

I told myself I just wouldn’t do it.

I couldn’t do it.

It seemed to be  wrong on so many levels.

I can’t stand the thought of thowing something out that may be useful – especially if it might be useful in the garden.

I’m using old cast iron baths as garden beds….wicking beds to be precise and they work wonderfully.

Cast Iron Bath's used as wicking beds

Another bath is the worm farm and very nicely it works too……….thank you for asking.

Worm Farm

Ashley put up an old kitchen sink for me so I could wash my hands, pot up plants etc. Well I would if I could ever get all the garden paraphernalia off it not to mention all the stuff in front of it.  Note the pegs hanging clipped to the wire mesh. They are brilliant for holding bird mesh onto frames and even holding up the occasional plant.

Kitchen Sink

Then I caved.

I planted a Toilet in the Garden

I planted a toilet in my garden.

It has been sitting around the yard for a couple of years. I discovered it some time ago then lost it again under a pile of  “treasures”  where it was found again on the weekend when Ashley cleaned up a section of the yard where he wants to put some shipping containers.

It has sat there for a few days while I have debated with myself over whether I should use it or not then today I bit the bullet and used it.

The bottom of the pan has been filled with fine gravel so the water drains out without taking the soil with it.  The added bonus is it waters the parsley that is growing behind it.

It has been filled with potting soil, worm castings and pelletised chicken manure and is waiting for plants.

For those who are squeamish at the thought of using a loo to grow plants in….don’t worry I did wash it first and it’s been quite a while since it was used by humans. The occasional chook has layed an egg in it but that was some time ago ; –  ).

Now just to work out what to grow in it and around it.

I’m leaning towards herbs at the base – the ground there is very dry and sandy as the gums that are nearby are greedy for water – and perhaps salad greens in the pan.  Hopefully, if I can get another one to grow, I might try a loofah in the bowl later on.  I had no success due to the dry soil this year so hopefully a damper position filled with rich soil might do the trick.

The trellis behind it is the old screen door that used to be on the dining room door and behind that is the old dog kennel that has the water tank resting on it.

See I told you I used everything.


3 thoughts on “I had to do it…..

  1. Trailing ivy, a few red geraniums maybe a few other types of flowers as well? It screams garden ornament with pretties in it rather than veggies to me but hey whatever works. Red against the white would set it off nicely.

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