I could tell you….

…how my life somehow has turned incredibly insane and chaotic and I want it to return to the calm and peaceful and very organised life I had for just a few short days months ago….and even the memory of those days are fading fast.

I could tell you how I have driven to Bendigo once a week for the last four weeks including a trip yesterday where I was on the road by 6.15 am to take the spare lap top to Elise as the hard drive in her computer died the night before and she has assignments due by Monday.  The computer people are putting a new hard drive in her computer but everything she had saved is lost….darn it.  I keep telling her – save to a memory stick as well!!!

I will tell you that we had an amazing three days camping at Easter where we relaxed around the fire, Ashley and James rode their motor bikes, we cut wood and ate marshmellows.

I will tell you that I did get some spinning done and the yarn from that spinning is now washed and waiting for the right project.


I will show you that I did bake bread – proper bread made with yeast – in the camp oven and it worked and was delicious with our roast lamb and vegies we had that night for tea.

Bread baked in the camp oven

Can you tell I’m excited by what I had achieved?????

I will tell you that we had our usual Easter Egg hunt and the kids had fun finding all the eggs.

Easter Egg Hunt

Although we have found that we have to hide some of the eggs even higher in the trees as James is growing so fast most are an easy reach for him.

Today I am taking time out to whip up some fabric bags from scraps as I have to do a demonstration next month at Spinners and Weavers.  They are very basic but much nicer to hand out than a paper bag and they are made just using some fabric from my stash that I bought years ago and haven’t used.

Sewing Bags

I am demonstrating Stick Weaving – which I have to teach myself first – not that it looks too hard….vbg….and thought it would save the ladies time if I had everything ready to go and in bags for them to just start.

Stick Weaving

This is a sample one of the ladies found in our club rooms so I could work out what I was doing….lol.

A few of the older ladies have done this kind of weaving before but for many of us it’s a new thing so it will be interesting. Could be a case of the blind leading the blind.  You can find quite a few tutorials on the web – just type in stick weaving. Ohh and don’t be fooled thinking you must buy special equipment ie the sticks – drinking straws do just as well and you should get the same result.



3 thoughts on “I could tell you….

  1. Nice to hear from you again and love the camp pictures. I’d be proud if I cooked some bread in the camp oven as well, looks delicious. You should post a picture of your spinning it’s been a while and I want to see what type of yarn you’re coming up with now.

    Been there done that with the kid’s computer crashing right before an assignment is due.

    The ladies will be thrilled to each receive a little bag with all the goodies in it I know I would. It’ll be interesting to see what you all turn up with.

  2. I love that you took your spinning wheel camping! I told my husband I need a solar sewing machine so I can get some sewing done. I should just start some more knitting I suppose! The stick weaving looks interesting, I hope you’ll tell us more. I’m flat out making bread in the breadmaker, so you did really well to make it in a camp oven! I hope Elise gets her computer fixed ASAP, how stressful for you both!

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