I told myself that I would not start anything new until I had finished this rug.

Finished - handspun, hand dyed, crocheted rug

What I think I was hopefully meaning to tell myself was that I would not start anything new until I had cleared some of the back log of UFO’s that are floating around my table.

Finishing this rug/afghan is a beginning.  Actually in the end it really was very addictive and I loved making it.  All those lovely colour and soft and squishy wool that I had spun myself. What more could a girl want?

Lots of colours

It is crocheted using this pattern as a guide – then using the same stitch pattern for the borders as  I went and as wool allowed.  The only thing with the borders, as I did three rounds, is that I had to reverse the direction I was crocheting in when I got back to the beginning of the row  in order to get the pattern to work.  I used a 6 mm crochet hook as the wool was quite chunky and chained 79 (like the pattern says) and went from there. No doubt if you were using a finer wool then it would be much smaller.  It is plenty wide enough to tuck in around my legs and long enough to tuck in around my feet and still have plenty to pull up at the top.  If you want a super fast and super easy afghan to crochet I would highly recommend this pattern.  Normally I don’t use the same pattern more than twice….I get bored doing the same thing….but this pattern I have used three or four times and can see myself using it again in the future.

All the wool is home spun from my stash and it has made a sizable dent in the stash which is even nicer.

Rounded corners

It is hand dyed in every colour I could conceive and then some colours that just “happened” in that lovely way that experiments work out.

The whole thing feel really quite heavy but in fact it only weighs in at 1180 grams or 2 lb 12 oz for those who still work in pounds and ounces.

Weighing in at 1180 grams or 2 lb 10 oz

Its’ the kind of rug that is ideal for snuggling under on a bitterly cold day when all you want to do is curl up and read a good book or watch a movie.

I’m predicting that it will get a lot of use this winter.


6 thoughts on “Finished

  1. That is fabulous!!! And the sort of rug that you can keep adding rows to as you get some spare stash to use up I reckon! Mum made me a crocheted rug for about my 20th, that was just a rectangle in the centre and then rows added all the way around. It was about this size when she handed it over, now it is QS…There have been a couple of mends but not too many, just shows that using REAL wool makes a difference (cos the holes are in the few poly rounds added when I didnt know any better…silly me).
    Hope your hoppy foot is better, too. Hugs, xxxx

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