A New Apron

I will be the first to admit I do love wearing aprons. There’s just something about them.  They make me feel like I actually know what I’m doing when it comes to baking, housework and all things domestic.  The fact that basically I just wing it when it comes to being a domestic goddess is beside the point…lol.

While I was at Spinners and Weavers in Cohuna the other week a pile of magazines and craft books was sat on the table with the instructions that everyone could take what they wanted as what was left was going in the bin.

Now that’s the kind of instructions I like!  I found two books but will only talk about one today as I need to gather supplies for a photo shoot (sounds posh doesn’t it) of the other book for another day.

Enid Gilchrist's Pinnies 'n' Things

Along with aprons I seriously love Enid Gilchrist’s books. Mum made many of the clothes that my sister and I wore as kids from these books and later made clothes for my children from the same books.  She hasn’t handed over any of her books to my keeping though. I think she might be hanging out for great grand children but I feel that she might be waiting for a while.  One of the books I picked up was Enid Gilchrist’s Pinnies ‘n’ Things.  Ohh there are some treasures in this book.  Toys, Pot Holders, a tea cosy, a make up cape and sleeping mask. Even a toe cap for someone who has a leg in plaster and wants to keep their toes warm.  There is even a pattern to make a bag to put your hair curlers in – just like one my mum had…..and probably still does. I’ll admit I’m very, very tempted to make one of those bags not because I need curlers (my hair is curly enough thank you ) but I think it would be an awesome bag to put knitting or crochet works in progress in.

Some Apron Patterns

There is also TWENTY TWO (I counted them – twice!) patterns for aprons from a full apron to a sheer pinnie which is made of fabric that quite frankly wouldn’t stop a drop of water let alone the splashed gravy.  Ohhhh the choices……… but one caught my eye.  A full apron with a cross over front that I hoped would cover me from the worst of my messes.

It was one of five that used the same basic pattern – which I drafted from the book.  Talk about super easy and quick to draw up the pattern. I didn’t bother to draft up the skirt part as it was just a basic square which I cut with the rotary cutter from left over fabric.  Even the seam allowances were already drafted into the patterns although I admit I just sewed the seams the width I thought looked right.

I used just a metre (or in this case one yard as this was quilting cotton from the States) and have just a tiny scrap left over. The bias binding was from the stash and I don’t have much of that left either. Next time I make this apron though I will use slightly wider bias binding as what I used was a little narrow.  I even did rolled hems on the apron ties and the sides of the “skirt”. Being clever I cut the hem on the finished edge of the fabric so that was one less part I had to sew.

Me - and the dog - and the apron!

Sorry about the awful photo – and I hadn’t even began my housework at that stage…sigh.  For that matter I’m not even sure what Ajax is being so hopeful about – he had already had a bite of pancake for breakfast.

The only part I changed on the pattern was the cross over front. In the Book these pieces are meant to cross over more making a narrow bib front. I need more coverage than that – there being considerably more of me than the pattern allowed for….and it felt a little high up on my neck…… but that was it.  I did cut out a pocket but didn’t put it on. Nicola didn’t think I needed it and to be honest the way our cupboard door hands are attached anything like pockets catch in them (didn’t think of that when we attached them) and rip.

Super easy and fairly quick. I guess I spent maybe two hours total and that included drafting the pattern and cutting the fabric.  Next time – and I can see more of these aprons being made – I think the whole process will be faster.

The good news is I have worn (and am still wearing this apron) and I have been so motivated by it that I have vaccumed, dusted,  moved furniture and loaded the washing machine and started to sort out all the works in progress that are on my craft table in the lounge room.

Good grief if this is what a new apron can do what would it be like if I had a different one for each day of the week?  Would it mean I might actually catch up or even keep up with the housework???? Hmmmm possibilities.

6 thoughts on “A New Apron

  1. Great apron! I needed a new apron a few years ago and just drew one up from scratch, sewed it up in an evening, and its still going! I do find the pocket great for stashing things while I’m cleaning up. I can’t say that mine has resulted in such a productivity improvement as yours though! Its great to use up some of the fabric hoard though, aye. By the way, I planted an avocado seed after I read that post of yours, and it has sprouted to about 50cm, even if it never fruits, it will still be the tree I grew from seed thanks to an idea from your blog!

  2. That is marvellous it looks wonderful and I know exactly what you mean about needing the apron to work in. I feel lost in a kitchen if I don’t have an apron to tie on. My favourites are the ones that are like that and cover up the top as well as the bottom. I actually get more grease splatters on the upper half of me when cooking and cleaning.

    The magazine looks great and is probably worth a bit as a collectors item. The ones from the popular authors with great ideas usually are.

  3. I do declare you could be an apron model!!!! I love my aprons too, they always make me feel like a domestic godess! if only they contained magic powers that made me actually become one! Love this apron!

  4. I understand the power of the apron but I know it more from an overalls perspective. Of course I am no domestic goddess but when I am wearing my overalls I can build or create anything. Perhaps I should consider wearing an apron from time to time and stay inside and get some of those chores done….I would much prefer to be outside though.

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