Elise is 19

Today is my girls 19th birthday. It seems like only yesterday we were celebrating her turning 18!!!

Discussing who gets the chair

Yesterday (Saturday) Ashley, James, Nicola and I braved the horrible weather (wet, windy and generally very unpleasant) to spend the day with the birthday girl.  While it wasn’t her birthday it was easier on everyone to make it a celebration yesterday than today. It didn’t stop us ringing her today and wishing her Happy Birthday though.


We did a bit of shopping.

Had the most awesome fish and chips for lunch from a shop just up the road from Elise. We figured the shop must do good fish and chips as they were incredibly busy – and we were right plus they were cheap – a feed for five people and one cat for $25 and there were leftovers.  Ralf by the way doesn’t fancy chips but loves fish providing you pull the batter off it first.

Watched a couple of movies and Ashley and I had a little snooze each.

Birthday Cake

Enjoyed a fabulous ice cream cake for afternoon tea then headed off around 6 pm and were home by 8 pm.

We weren’t on the road anymore than half an hour when Elise sent me this picture of Ralf.

Watching the Microwave

Apparently watching the microwave go round is entertainment – especially as he has worked out that when it is going there is food in there…..lol..

Elise has settled into life in Bendigo really well and has her routines worked out. She is enjoying uni – the first full week (Tuesday 9 am – 4 pm, Wednesday 12 – 1 pm and Thursday 9 am – 4 pm but with plenty of long breaks in between classes) was last week and has been interesting and she is gradually getting used to uni life.  In a couple of weeks she starts her first practical placement – in Bendigo they get the student teachers into the class rooms very early and is looking forward to that.



3 thoughts on “Elise is 19

  1. Wow already in the classroom, very cool.

    Love the picture of Ralf cuddled up on Elise. Wish her belated birthday wishes for me if you remember.

    Nice seeing the picture of James cuddled up on her as well. Good to see the brotherly affection often boys won’t show it.

  2. Glad to see that cat has settled in so well. She is so lucky you are just 2 hours away. My mum and dad were 6 hours non stop driving – so it was pretty lonely at times. Have you settled into a new way of life with out her at home??

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