Ashley came home with two boxes of the most beautiful plums last week.


Believe it or not the packers are throwing them out – they are supposedly two small for the supermarkets!!!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this fruit. It’s perfect with not a mark on it.  It’s only failing – IT’S TO SMALL!!!!

Such a waste of beautiful fruit.  Honestly I don’t know what the supermarkets want – but to my eye (and James’s) it’s the perfect size.


So what else could I do but make five kilograms of the most luscious plums into a dozen bottles of plum jam that still has that lovely bright pinky red colour to it.

I was worried that the jam didn’t set enough but I taste tested it on some scones when I had a cup of tea and it’s just right.

There’s heaps more plums there so I’m predicting I will be making more jam tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Plums

  1. they look delicious – I hope we (population at large) never ever want C – the waste that we generate is appalling – especially when it is good nutritious food… I can taste that jam… Yum o!!!

  2. Oh it makes me furious to see good food wasted…not that I do not have to fight the birds and this year a couple of broken branches on the getting old and frailer nectarine tree…..I gave more away than I ate. But I wish Aussies would stand up for Aussie fruit and veg.
    Says she who has to admit to buying pomegranates.

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