Elise Is Settled

It’s been a massive couple of weeks with lots of travelling and tears and sorting of “treasures”  and finding the perfect feline companion for Elise but the end result has been well worth it.

Friday February 3rd James and Elise in her fully loaded car and myself in my fully loaded car headed off to Bendigo to begin the long process of moving Elise into her new home.

We had a good trip. Traffic was fairly mild on the way down but got decidedly busy once we hit Bendigo.  Keys picked up we headed off to Elises’s house and within a hour had all we had packed sitting in the house.  Which makes me then wonder just why it took so many hours to pack the cars in the first place???

Lunch at the golden arches then out to the RSPCA to find a cat or kitten that would choose Elise as the perfect owner.

Ralf and Nicola

Ralf came home with us a couple of hours later.  More details on Ralf in another post – he is so special that he deserves a somewhat photo and description heavy blog post all of his own.

Friday night saw us reasonably settled with the kitchen cleaned and cupboards sorted.  Sleeping on the floor Friday night was not fun and I have discovered that even with the weight I have put on there still isn’t enough padding to fool me into thinking that the floor is comfortable.

Saturday saw us at Bunnings picking up a few more things we needed, me hemming some lace curtains for Elise (thank goodness I packed the sewing machine)  and James putting together the push mower (very environmentally friendly) for Elise.  Her pocket handkerchief lawn certainly doesn’t need a noisy petrol driven lawn mower.  Finally Ashley, Mick and Nicola arrived with the furniture truck full of the last bits and pieces Elise needed to make her house into a home and most importantly two beds so no sleeping on the floor Saturday night!

The boys – Ashley, Mick and James – headed home around 3 pm which left us girls to finish sorting out the house and making up beds.


Now as much as I thought I was coping with this massive change in our lives I will admit that both Friday night and Saturday night I spent a large part of it in tears.  Luckily Elise understood that while I want to keep her at home safe with Ashley and I, I really did want her to go out and stretch her wings and explore the world.  She understood that the tears were my way of coping with the changes that were occurring and assured me that she would be find and that Ralf would look after her…………… if he ever came out of his basket.  So I mopped up my tears, put a smile on my face, gave her a hug and told her that I would be fine but if she didn’t at least text or phone each day I would be knocking on her door worrying there was something wrong.

Can I just say I always thought that this texting business with mobile phones was a bit of a waste of time even though I am known to send text messages myself. I thought that most conversations can wait until two people are face to face and if the subject can only be discussed by text then it really wasn’t that important.  How wrong I was!!!!!!  Texting has been an absolutely sanity saver for both Elise and myself this past week.  We have taken photos of what we have been doing – or what Ralf has been doing in Elise’s case.  Checked up on how each other are and generally sorted out things that we had forgotten about.  Phone calls have been fairly numerous too – thank goodness we got a good mobile phone plan for Elise. She didn’t think she would need one that big but several phone calls a day is proving we did the right thing.  So now I will admit I’m a convert to text messaging and am particularly addicted to seeing what Ralf is doing…vbg.

Sunday saw Nicola and I heading home. No more tears. I had seen how Ralf had responded to Elise and was content that she was in good hands paws and would be well looked after.

The Lounge Room

Of course just because everything was going according to plan there was a hiccup.

The following Wednesday I rang Elise last thing at night to find her in tears and asking me to come down the next day. She had bought some chicken kebabs from a well known chicken shop, bought them straight home and cooked them immediately only to get sick that afternoon. Running a temperature, feeling like death warmed over and  vomiting isn’t good when you are on your own.  I went down to Bendigo again Thursday morning, sorted out a few more things for Elise, changed beds, did washing, cooked meals, talked to her and Ralf and generally did Mum things.  Thursday night she was on the mend and eating normally – thankfully – and I headed home again on Friday.  As much as it threw out my week – although Ashley, Nicola and James coped beautifully while I was away and Mum did the school drop off/pick up thing – I did enjoy spending time with Elise and chatting about things.

Smiley Face on Fridge

So now I wait in anticipation until Friday when Elise and Ralf are coming home for the weekend.  Elise is babysitting for her old boss Saturday night and is also taking the opportunity to pick up anything else she might have forgotten.  She will head back on Sunday and I will head down again on Monday for a few days to keep  Ralf company, as she starts Orientation week for university.

Life is changing. We, most particularly I,  am adapting and getting back into the routine of everyday life.


2 thoughts on “Elise Is Settled

  1. A big change in all of your lives, particularly for you and Elise, one but that I’m sure you’ll both enjoy immensely – once the initial pangs of separation are gone.

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