Ten minutes ago Elise, James and I  put the final box into the car, shut the boot lid quickly and looked at each other with a sigh of relief.

I think, and Elise does too, that finally everything is packed/boxed/bagged ready to take to Bendigo tomorrow.

If it isn’t coming tomorrow then it will come down with the men and Nicola on Saturday.  Nicola has been shown over and over and over and over what is coming down and what is staying.

She said she would do her best to stop Ashley and Mick loading anything they shouldn’t.

Tomorrow night is pizza night with a couple of nice drinks thrown in for good measure and also to ease the aching backs we are sure to have….vbg.

James is already measuring up Elise’s room and trying to work out just where his bed will fit in there.

Keep us in your prayers that the next couple of days and moving go smoothly.

Please keep Elise in your prayers too as she adjusts to moving to a different town, different house, university  and living on her own for the first time in 18 years.





6 thoughts on “Packed

  1. Catherine I would love to send Elise a little something for her new home… If you feel uncertain about giving me her address (and rightly so!!!) Could I have yours please and perhaps you could re address it from your end… I used to have your postal addy when I bought the hand dyed material from you many years ago but I believe I destroyed it some time ago – silly me…

    Sharon – Melbourne x x

  2. Good luck to you both!
    As you might recall my daughter sarah is at latrobe in bendigo – tell elise she can look her up if she likes – sarah is in photography
    Email me if you like for her phone number etc

  3. I hope Elise settles into university life well and quickly makes new friends. I hope you all cope with the separation without too much distress. Sounds like James will be okay anyway …. lol.

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