Semi Controlled Chaos

There is stuff all over my house.

The dining room is filling rapidly……while Elise’s room is emptying slowly.


I honestly had no idea she had so many treasures.

We are getting there to and Elise having a couple of days off work is definitely helping.

More Packing

The second lounge chair she bought at the op shop for $5 each has been recovered and I have made new chair cushions for it….you can see one of the chairs in the first photo with the black buckets sitting on it.  The other chair is in her room  covered with a mountain of “stuff”.

There is heaps more stuff since I took those photos….apparently we are supposed to get most of it in two cars to take to Bendigo Friday. Luckily Ashley is borrowing a furniture van from a friend  and bringing the big stuff down on Saturday….along with a friend to help move said furniture.

A comfortable cushion of corduroy stuffed with pure sheep’s wool that has been well washed has been constructed all ready for the new member of the family when Elise finally is chosen by her cat.

Sneaky Sewing Machine

I have even managed to sneakily suggest (and pack) a sewing machine for Elise to use. My argument was she might need to mend something like a curtain or clothes or make something.

I’m not sure how much she believed me but it’s one less machine in my sewing room and who knows – to fill in the hours she might take up sewing or quilting or even mending her own clothes.

Ok so by this stage I’m delusional…..but I live in hope.


4 thoughts on “Semi Controlled Chaos

  1. LOL, so gone are the days where she sat at the sewing machine? At least she knows how to sew which is more than my girls do. Actually come to think of it James can sew better than them as well.

  2. I saw a sewing machine today for £49. Choice of four bright colours (red, green, yellow or blue), 10 stitch options and reasonable speed. I was so tempted for Princess C-W. If only she sewed.

  3. You might be surprised! I missed my mother’s sewing machine so much while at uni and used it all through my holidays, that my parents eventually bought one for me for my 21st, and I have had hours of use from it, so many curtains, cushions and clothing.

  4. I always said that my original Elna machine would be the first thing I rescued (after the family) if the house caught on fire. It was one of the first things packed in the car in case we had to leave during the 2003 fires. One hopes that Elise may like to do some sewing while she’s away, but one hopes that she’ll also so have lots of other interesting things to do too, like spending time with friends, not to mention studying, of course….lol.

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