All Signed Up

I could tell you about the five plus hours I spent on Tuesday filling in paperwork and hunting for information all in an effort to see if Elise is eligible for rent assistance and whatever other assistance the government is likely to give her.

I could tell you about the long line I stood in at Centrelink to put in the above paper work and the lovely girl who was so incredibly helpful when I finally was served and who made the process so much easier and less stressful.

I could tell you about the stinking hot drive Elise and I had yesterday (Wednesday) to Bendigo.

I could tell you that the “back road” to Elise’s new house and the road to home is super easy to find and takes a whole 7 minutes from the turn off to her front door.

I could tell you that the owners were at Elise’s house doing a bit of what looked like last minute painting and repair jobs before she takes over next Wednesday.

I could tell you that the road to the university from Elise’s house to the uni is just as quick and super easy to navigate.

I could tell you that we did very little shopping yesterday…..apart from the dress I bought (a bargain at $10 -severely marked down) and the pj’s Elise bought.

I could tell you that the universities air conditioning was either non existent or just not coping with the heat.

I could tell you that between a lecture on the course and signing in we were at the uni for a whole 2 1/2 hours and now have all the paper work filled in, a car parking pass and all other relevent documentation.

But I won’t.

Instead I WILL tell you that Elise is now signed up to Study for a Batchelor of Education at Latrobe University.  Orientation week starts the 20th of February and her classes begin the following week.

At this stage it looks like she will be at Uni on Tuesday and Thursdays and that prac placement days (when the students go into real live school classrooms to practice what they have learnt) will probably be either Fridays or Mondays.  Of course those days will quite possibly change but at least we have some idea of what is happening.

It finally is starting to feel real that my girl is off to Uni.

On the cat front – we are going to check out the RSPCA  in Bendigo for a kitten or cat to adopt next week. They – the kittens and cats that is –  are vet checked, de sexed, vaccinated and flea treated for a fairly modest amount of money which quite frankly I think is fairly cheap when you consider how much it would cost to get done if you popped into your local vet clinic.  Plus the idea of adopting an animal that may have been dumped or not wanted and abandoned really appeals to both Elise and myself.  The hard part is going to be choosing which one to take home.

4 thoughts on “All Signed Up

  1. It is a pity you weren’t closer – my great niece had four she was trying to give away… She works at a vet and regularly has kittens handed in which have either been dumped or abandoned… But you are right it will be difficult to choose one… I have been following your blog since the kids were twee and I find it hard to believe that Elise is ready to fly the coop and start life on her own… How time flies…Give her my congratulations… take care…

  2. What a lot of work. It seems like there is such a small gap between finding out if you’re accepted and actually starting university over there. I think there is at least 3 or months over here between getting acceptence and starting your courses.

    Anyhow very exciting, all the best Elise. Nice that the rent owners were touching up the place for her that’s a good indication that they’ll be good landlords.

    I say go for a girl cat that’s been spayed that way she won’t spray the walls.

  3. I bought our two cats from Lort Smith for $50 each… vaccinated and desexed. They were kitten and have been great companions.
    (I’d never get a dog who’d been dumped though. Too many problems. I speak from experience!!)

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