Some Knitting……and Some Crochet

Just to show that I am using up my stash I have been madly knitting squares to make an Elizabeth Zimmerman Mystery Blanket.  Click on the link and it will take you to some gorgeous blankets on Ravelry.

These squares are easy to knit.

Elizabeth Zimmerman Mystery Blanket - starting off using Point Protectors on the needles

Starting off can be a bit tricky – two stitches on each of four double pointed needles can try a girls patience so I worked out that if I put these needle point protectors onto each needle and moved them as I knit each round by the time I had six stitches on each needle the knitting was stable and no stitches would fall off.  Ok so possibly if I started knitting a bit tighter I wouldn’t have the problem of escaping needles but I hate tight knitting with a vengeance – loose and comfortable is more my style…vbg.

Each square begins with  Emily Ocker’s Circular Cast On and I know to some of you it will look daunting but trust me get a couple of these blocks knitted and you won’t ever look back. It’s my preferred method of casting on when I make anything circular now.

If the thought of using a crochet hook brings you out into a cold sweat (and remember you are only casting on 8 stitches for the beginning of these squares and then you change to double pointed needles) then google seach for Circular Cast On which uses knitting needles.  There are plenty of You Tube video’s out there that are excellent to watch also.

I started off pacing myself making just one square a day using what ever colour took my fancy and whatever were the smallest balls…….

Elizabeth Zimmerman Mystery Blanket

….then I got super hooked and I’m making two squares a day. I would try for three squares a day but unfortunately domestic stuff like washing, cooking and the occasional bit of cleaning are getting in the way of knitting bliss.  I will confess to sitting up and watching a movie with Ashley last night that finished at midnight just so I had the excuse to finish off another block.

Each block is being finished off with three rows of black which should make weaving the squares together so much easier……I hope.

Granny Squares from Leftovers

Now if that hasn’t convinced you that I’m totally weird check out my Granny Squares.

I’m determined to use every inch of the yarn I have so I started these Granny Squares. Me being me – measured out exactly how much wool each round takes, labelled each bag appropriately (ie Round 2 – 4 metres) and as I have tiny scraps of wool left I measure them out and put them into the right bag.  I can’t stand the thought of throwing out wool – even the colours I loathe  and this is one way to get something useful and pretty out of what would otherwise be waste.  If I’m totally honest I will admit to being seriously in love with these squares – mix matched colours and all.

4 thoughts on “Some Knitting……and Some Crochet

  1. wow, that is a serious commitment to using up all the scraps! I love the idea of the mystery blanket though, hadn’t seen it before

  2. Very nice I love all of the squares and you’ve been very busy this new year. The blankets are going to turn out gorgeous. I made a granny afghan and it did use up a lot of stash, problem is my stash is so big. I have at least another two or three blanket’s worth of left-over sayelle in my bins of scrap yarn. Mind you I started when I was 13.

  3. Reminds me of the first rug I crocheted because it was cold in my boyfriends car…….oh my age!! Asked Mum to crochet me one…….she taught me to do it myself.

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