More Fabric

I know I’m on a self imposed “I will not buy any more fabric/wool/treasures” thing this year in an attempt to tame, in all areas, the stash that abounds in this house………

New Fabric - all 100% cotton

….but in my defence I did buy this fabric last year.

Due to Christmas and all the parcels that have been winging their way throughout the world my fabric has only just arrived.

I figure that’s a pretty good excuse.

Work with me on this people!!!!

Fabric all is 100% cotton from Thousands of Bolts my most favourite online fabric store.  I bought minimum 2 yard cuts so I can make myself some much needed clothing.  I seriously love clothing made out of quilting cotton. Soft and comfortable and just right for the weather we experience over summer.  Best of all I get to make quilts and table runners and all sorts of other things out of the scraps….lol.  Never mind the fact I adore the colors and patterns.


2 thoughts on “More Fabric

  1. Very nice, lol, love to live vicariously through you to see the fabric purchases. It’s almost as good as buying it myself. I caved and bought a 12 pound scrapbag of Thimbleberries fabric from fabric depot. It’ll be interesting to see what I get. On a bright note working on finishing up another pair of slippers for Charlie and working on a quilt for myself as well.

  2. Of course this doesn’t count as a purchase this year!!!! I have a little on its way as well that will be the same! (11pm 31/12 it was purchased!!) They look great, can’t wait to see your new clothes!!!!!!!!!!!!

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