A New Cushion aka Making Do

The big clean up in my sewing room has produced results already.

1 1/2 inch across hexagons

I sewed all these hexagons together years ago.  They are 1 1/2 inches across and I made them out of a bundle of charm squares I bought even more years ago that were all sewing themed.  At the time I was even motivated enough to sew them to a background fat quarter and even tacked the batting and lining fabric in place obviously with the thought that I might hand quilt them.  Like that was ever going to happen.

Today I machine quilted just once around the hexagons then made them into a cushion.
Sewing Chair Cushion
I love my sewing chair but even with the padding on my behind sometimes a girl needs a little more comfort – especially if there is some major sewing happening.

To create the cushion filling I cut up an old wall hanging that I made years ago (I’m beginning to feel old at this stage) that none one wanted hanging in their room and tacked the three circles together to make the padding. It works well. I’m sitting on the cushion as I type this post.

Padding - three circles of wadding sewn together
I feel so good at having reduced a little more of my stash, created some comfort and used up a UFO.

There’s nothing like a good ending to the year.

Thank you all for the lovely New Years Eve wishes and thoughts on Mum. She is fine. I heard her come back from her walk at 7 am this morning – no doubt she went early to beat the heat – and then James was up at her place helping her garden for a little while.  He said she was fine too – especially as she paid him for his help…vbg.



3 thoughts on “A New Cushion aka Making Do

  1. Glad to hear that your mom is doing fine. Nice of James to help her with the gardening she’d appreciate it. I’ve offer to paid my two slugs but it’s like pulling teeth to get any help.

    The cushion looks great and it’s nice to finally finish something off isn’t it? This year should be the year of the stashdown. We should try and see how many finished objects we can produce just from our stash.

  2. I love cushions and comfortable chairs. I started a year quilt once and it ended up, after about 3 months, as a cushion cover. LOL.
    Have a wonderful and creative 2012

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