Christmas is Over…Roll in the New Year

It suddenly dawned on me that tomorrow night is New Years Eve and that a whole week (or there abouts) has passed since Christmas so a quick round up.

The phone rang at 8 am Christmas morning and it was Mum.  She wasn’t feeling well and could I pop up and see her.  Mum lives about 200 metres away in her own house on the back of our block.  Whipped up and found her on the bed, extremely dizzy and when she tried to sit up she was sick.  Called an ambulance who was there very promptly and the ambulance men were lovely.  Got Mum to Casualty  where they did the usual tests and we had to wait.  Two hours later the lovely nurse (with a Christmas Apron and Reindeer Antlers perched on her head) came in to tell us it would be quite a wait as they had about 5 heart patients that were the priority. By this time with no breakfast and all the rushing around I was feeling pretty average myself and the irreverent thought popped into my head (but not out of my mouth thank goodness) that those patients must have received some pretty awesome presents.  At that point I went home (with Mum’s blessing) to open presents with the kids and Ashley and get some much needed breakfast. The hospital rang at 11.30am to say I could pick Mum up. She had had an injection for vomiting and been given tablets to help with the nausea.  Apparently it’s something to do with the middle ear and her Doctor had already been looking into the problem.  Most of her results from the specialist are back but she is waiting on the final few then has to see her Doctor again.  Mum didn’t have much for lunch – unlike the rest of us who tucked into cold meat and salad and cheesecake – then went home for a sleep. She came down again later – feeling 300% better than that morning to have a roast lamb with all the trimmings tea.

Presents for the Dogs

Even the dogs get Christmas presents.

Despite the dramas Christmas was lovely. Lots of food and drink and laughter. The home made presents were very well received and everyone was very, very pleased with what they had made and what they had been given. Mum had made home made gifts too and totally surprised the kids with what Nan could make…..wicked grin.

Boxing Day was spent very quietly. I still felt very unsettled after Christmas Days excitement,  Mum however was back to normal and going about her usual activities including a walk at some unearthly hour!


I would love to say we have been sitting around and relaxing but that would be far from the truth. Elise asked me to help clean up and resort her room. Nothing had been done in there since about half way through Year 11 and it was truly pick a path. In her defence study was the priority but it was nice to get in and rearrange the room and thoroughly clean it. So much “stuff” was thrown out I began to wonder if our really big industrial bin would hold it all. It’s ok …….it did….lol.  Six hours later (I kid you not) the room is clean, dust bunnies are gone and she has room to move.

The next day James decided to clean his room!!!!!  Yes I was shocked but he did get stuck in and sorted out drawers and the wardrobe and lots and lots of toys, pencils, textas etc.  Part of the appeal was he received Elise’s old TV and a TV cabinet so now he can play games in his room.  Apparently it makes it easier to concentrate if you aren’t falling over things.  Who knew!

More Presents

Roll onto the next day and I decided to get stuck into the sewing room. It has become the depository for all the things that don’t fit anywhere else, for the stuff from Elise’s room that she didn’t want any more but didn’t want to throw out and sundry other items.  Now it’s semi clean – ok I’m a crafter it won’t ever be totally clean – but at least now I can get to the sewing machine and my spinning wheels have been unearthed from where they were hiding. A major resort of all my books and magazines happened and several boxes were emptied to disclose several UFO’s that will be either finished or morphed into new items.  I even managed to throw out some stuff that I would never ever get around to using or even wanted in the beginning.

While I was doing that Nicola decided she couldn’t stand the state of the kitchen any longer and started cleaning it – including resorting some of the cupboards!!!  She then moved onto the dining room and the lounge room. I love that girl. She helped me earlier in the week pull the Christmas tree down too and we sorted, discarded and restacked all the Christmas decorations.  It is always much easier doing all those kinds of things with a helper…..and it makes it much quicker.  Best of all I hadn’t asked her to help – Nicola just waded into the mess and began doing her thing.

Lots of Goodies

Today has meant a trip down the street with Elise to do a few jobs, a nanna nap this afternoon and some more knitting.  I’m working on Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Pi Shawl which will end up being a blanket and made up of lots of different colours of wool acrylic and is a somewhat desperate attempt to tame the stash.  It’s an excellent project to work on while watching TV as I am literally just knitting in circles.   I also unearthed the knitting machine a friend gave me a few months back and I intend on knitting lots of strips, joining them together and making another blanket. The hope is that I will use up most if not all the cones of machine knitting wool I have sitting here that was given to me even more months ago and have something useful to show at the end of it.

Ashley has taken two weeks off but most days has had to do a small job or two. People are generally very considerate over Christmas and the man who called him out Christmas Day (a valued customer) apologised profusely and gave him a Christmas present to thank him. Turns out it was a Power company problem but Ashley had to check it out first and advise him on what to do.  In his off time he has relaxed on the couch, enjoyed lots of cold beverages, put in a filtered drinking water system into the cool room so now cold water is on tap and just generally pottered around.

Christmas Rainbow

After the storms and weird weather all Christmas Day – we were rewarded with a beautiful rainbow at the end of it.

So now we wait until the clock strikes midnight and we begin a new year. I’m not making any New Years Resolutions.  Apart from the fact that I never keep them, I honestly don’t know what the year has in store for me let alone the rest of the family.   It’s still a waiting game to see if Elise is accepted into Uni. Nicola’s braces are to be removed on January 18th then not long after a new school year begins for both her and James.  Ashley has plenty of work to keep him busy into the New Year. I am finding myself dithering as to what I want out of life next year. To be honest nothing appeals at the moment so I’m adopting a wait and see attitude. If it takes a couple of months for me to find my direction then so be it.  In the meantime I will enjoy my time with my family while there is no urgent need for any of us to be anywhere in particular and work on whatever takes my fancy at the time.

I hope you all have a wonderful and very Happy and Safe New Year. May it be a year where your dreams come true, trials and tribulations be few and far between and family and friends be with you all.



6 thoughts on “Christmas is Over…Roll in the New Year

  1. wow – what a start to Christmas Day for you…Sounds like all of you need some time to ‘chill out’… May you and yours have a wonderful New Year with all that you have wished for others returned 100 fold…Take care now… xx

  2. Sorry to hear about the dramas with your mum’s health. This is so scary. Glad it wasn’t anything too serious! I wish my kids would get the cleaning bug with their rooms… ;-).

    I would like to wish you a wonderful 2012!

  3. I can’t believe how much you got done over Christmas, now I really feel like a slug-a-bug. Just some knitting for me. We did do the Christmas thing and we did have a 3 hour there and back car trip on the 27th for more Christmas dinner but aside from that just lazing about. Weather has been horrible no sun to be seen I feel like we are in the Artic with so little light. Doesn’t help my motivation any.

    Speaking of yarn stash, I did join a couple of stashdown groups on Ravelry so hope that more yarn goes out then comes in next year. Fabric would also be a good thing to use up and destash as well. With prices being high I can’t see myself buying much in the coming year.

    Hope that you and your family have a Happy New Year and that the upcoming year is a good one for you all. Lots of hugs and love.

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