And So This Is Christmas

December has been one of those kind of months. Full of highs and lows, busy days, semi manageable stress levels and lots and lots of Christmas baking….which of course always helps to make Calidore’s world seem right.

The beginning of December found Ashley, Elise and I dressed up and heading off to Elise’s Graduation dinner.

Graduation Dinner

It was truly a star studded night with the students being the focus.  The girls were dressed beautifully. Mostly long evening gowns, a few shorter ones, but all in the most gorgeous colours and textures. The guys were in suits and ties or dress slacks, waistcoats and ties.   It was almost weird in a way – you could see the students, in that one night, shrug off the bonds of childhood and embrace being an adult with all it’s joys and responsibilities in just a few short hours.   The meal was amazing – roast beef or chicken with vegetables, sticky date pudding and ice cream or pavlova and berries.  Yum.

Star Studded

We came home to give Elise her present of an Ipad. She has wanted one for ages and if finishing Year 12 and coping with all the stress that it entails isn’t a good enough reason then I don’t know what is.  To say she was super excited is an understatment….vbg.

Elise receiving her IPas

VCE results came out a few days later with much anticipation.  There was good news in that Elise passed and did well but unfortunately her ATAR score (which determines which uni course she can get into) was 2.45 points below what she needed for automatic entry into teaching.  Still there is a very good chance that she will still get accepted on either the first or second round offers. The waiting is the hardest bit but in the mean time she has two part time jobs – one an office job which she loves and the other in a clothing store which is good money but perhaps not quite as exciting as the office job.  Either way she is earning money and learning new skills and loving doing different things. Last night was her office Christmas Party and she had a fantastic night.

In the middle of all this I was off to Cohuna for the Cohuna Spinners and Weavers 40th Birthday Party. It to was a exciting time as past and present members celebrated a group that is still going strong and is very active. They are a wonderful group of ladies and we all enjoy each others company and learn so much from each other.

$0th Birthday Cake for the Cohuna Spinner and Weavers Group

The end of the school year rolled around. Nicola did very well in Year 9 and is looking forward to Year 10 with anticipation. She will be studying two VCE subjects next year. Year 11 Biology and Year 11 Community Services. Apparently they can fast track some subjects if the child and teachers think they can cope. Nicola loved Biology this year and is really looking forward to learning more next year. Added to that a cleaning job at a friends house – only a few hours once a fortnight – plus the organising here that she has done and life has been busy for her.

James finished Grade Five on Thursday and is looking forward to Grade 6 next year. He has the teacher he wanted – apparently she is very strict but lots of fun – and he is looking forward to his final year of Primary School. The past few days have seen him either relaxing on the couch playing his new Xbox game that he bought or cleaning his room. Both activities are progressing well….vbg.

Ashley is still busy but is taking the next two weeks off. He has a number of projects planned for his break but wether he gets them done or not remains to be seen.  He is very tired and the heat we are now having isn’t helping but hopefully a couple of weeks off relaxing will help to recharge his batteries.

As for me. Well I have been busy sewing, knitting and crocheting. Keeping in the Handmade Christmas spirit I am filling the  stockings that hang on our chairs with a knitted or crocheted Christmas ornament and a colourful pillow case. The girls chose their fabrics but didn’t see the final pillow case – Ashley and James have no idea and I spent longer trying to choose fabrics for mine than I did with anyone else’s as I just couldn’t decide what fabric to use…..the horrors of a good fabric stash….lol.  All the presents are wrapped and there are only bits and pieces to do today to be organised ready for tomorrow.

The baking is all done.  It’s cold meat and salad for lunch tomorrow and then roast lamb with vegies for tea.  The weather is going to be HOT. Close to 40 degrees with a good chance of rain – depending on which weather forecast you listen to so I think settling down under the air conditioning with a cold glass of something and a slice of Christmas cake will be the order of the day.

Yesterday we had a bbq lunch with friends at their work and last night we all met up again for Fish and Chips in the park by the river. James and his mate ended up swimming in the river while some of the adults fished. It was a lovely way to end the working week and gave us all a much needed breather and time to relax ready for Christmas. A friend and I both commented to each other we now felt like we were in the “Christmas mood”…as we drank yet another glass of ice cold water as it was hot.

So that’s our month and the end of this year.  It’s been on of highs and lows. Stress and relaxation and all those other contrasts that make life so interesting.

Thank you to all my lovely readers and the many friends I have made along the way of blogging.  Your comments and emails mean so much and I do appreciate them.


Nativity Ornament

From my Family to You and Yours – Have a wonderful and Very Happy Christmas.

May the Reason for the Season be with You All.



5 thoughts on “And So This Is Christmas

  1. She can always get into teaching through the back door. My friend’s daughter had the same situation as your girl and so she’s done a year of Arts, concentrating on her marks to make it impossible for them to refuse her entry into teaching next year.

  2. You all look good but Elise looks beautiful in her dress and that colour really suits her well.

    Only a few make it automatically into teaching here most of the students have to complete their four years first and then they apply for teachers college. Maybe in four years she’ll have changed her mind who knows? I do know that it’s really hard finding a job in teaching.

    Glad that Nicola and James are doing fine as well. Have a wonderful Christmas day and God bless you all.

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