Two Creative Weekends

You did read that right.  We have had two creative weekends here at Calidore’s house.  There is a feeling of immense satisfaction in this household at the moment – mainly because we have actually achieved something and to make it even better we have achieved several somethings.

James has been working on his Handmade Christmas presents.   We saw the magical looking art created by melted crayons on the web a while ago (there’s lots of ideas at Pinterest if you need inspiration) and he loved the idea.  So several canvas’s later and a couple of boxes of crayons (total cost with the hooks to hang them by approx. $20 for five presents) James was all set. He has a wonderful eye for colour and put together combinations of colours that I wouldn’t dream of – but we lived dangerously and experimented with fabulous results.

Crayon Art in Progress

Of course melting the crayons was the best bit – lots of noise from the hair dryer and Ashley’s heat gun and the excitement of melting crayons – even Elise had to get in on the fun – and several works of art were created.

Here is a video – warning you may want to turn the sound down a bit – I didn’t realise just how loud a hair dryer was until I played the video just don’t turn it off as you can hear the excited noises James and Elise are making as crayons melt….vbg.

A finished canvas – flowers just hot glued on to create a garden.

Crayon Art

Of course there is no fun in making canvas’s for everyone else if you don’t get to make one for yourself.  James told me he needed to practice on this one first before starting the others….lol…..and he is very proud of his art.

James's Crayon Art

Best of all James gave me permission me to blog his picture so everyone could see what he has done.  Doing the happy dance : – )))

I managed to get a table centre/runner made out of some gifted “wool” for the outside table. The yarn is polymide, really artifical feeling stuff, but ideal for an outdoors area where it is bound to get dirty and dusty and need washing on a fairly regular basis….sigh.  It’s bigger than it looks – especially since I wet it and blocked it.  I have also made a fairly big granny square in bright yellows of the same kind of yarn as an alternative for the table.

Crocheted Table Runner

I finally finished my Elise Shawl that I want to wear to Elise’s graduation dinner this Friday night.  It seemed appropriate to wear a shawl that shares her name.  It’s taken me nearly a month and I would have been finished sooner but I kept making mistakes and had to pull back rows….grrr.  Still it’s done and I love it.  I used Bendigo Woollen Mills Classic Cone in 3 ply, colour “Raven”.  I just kept crocheting until I had used most of the cone – nearly 800 metres and I don’t have much left.  It’s always hard to judge just how much wool you will need for the edgings and how many more patterns you can squeeze out of the yarn but I judged it just right.

The Elise Shawl

I did wonder how soft the wool would be as I have used the Classic wool before and found it a little scratchy but this is super soft and fabulous to wear against the skin.  I have to say that if I was going to make baby wear I would use the Classic cones rather than the Woollen Mills baby yarn as I found it softer.

Then to top off the weekend Elise and I spent most of Sunday pulling off the revolting outer layer of one of the two lounge chairs she had bought at the op shop for a whole $5.oo each and recovered it with some lovely chocolate brown upholstery fabric that cost us the princely sum of $3.00 a metre.

Recovering a chair

I used the pieces we pulled off as templates to cut the new fabric and I think at the most the two chairs with their new covers will have cost us around $15 total.  Of course getting a semi professional finish – and we are very proud of ourselves – is always easier with the use of a air driven stapler and and extra set of hands in the form of Ashley. So one chair covered and another to go.  We are making progress.

This weekend sees us at Elise’s graduation dinner on Friday night then Elise has a friends 18 th Birthday party to go to on Saturday night after working all day Saturday.  A very full weekend especially after she worked full time for six days last week.  I think I may need a nanna nap just to keep up with her. I think I can safely predict there will be little or  no creativity this weekend.  On the up side though – James did get all his Christmas presents wrapped last night and Elise did spend some time working on her Christmas presents.

Progress is slow but we are getting there.

5 thoughts on “Two Creative Weekends

  1. So many nice things! My girls would love to try that crayon art too – I haven’t seen it before! Your shawl is looking lovely, and I look forward to a picture of it on you. You won at the game of yarn chicken! Very impressed with recovering the chairs yourself too. You’ve been highly productive, all of you!

  2. Lovely crayon art – I watched the vid (yep, did get a surprsie at how loud those hair dryeres were!), but equally impressed at how good the results are!
    Great chair covering thing – can’t wait to see the results. How clever.
    And your Elise Shawl is a stunner, I might have t get some of that 3 play to do something with (spent this evening frogging a sari silk cardi I have had for about 15 years which was always very baggy. It needs to be knitted up with a softer yarn (ooh, 3 ply cone from Bendigonia sounds perfect!), don’t know yet what I shall make. My ‘favourites’ on Ravelry is a HUGE list!!!
    Please post a pic of the shawl, and Elise all dressed up for her dinner, too…XXXX

  3. Wonderful all of it. The crayon pieces look marvellous and it must have taken some discipline to stop the melting process as it looked so fun.

    Love the shawl but oh the amount of work that went into that one, glad it’s for yourself for a change.

    I know what you mean about crocheting the yarn used in the green table runner as it brings back recollections of using the same kind of yarn when I was a teenager those years long ago but you’rr right that the runner will hold up well. Same reason people use phentex to crochet slippers.

    My mind boggles that you’ve got two chairs for $10. Your op-shops are more of a deal than the ones we have here in Canada. Ours are big business and they charge accordingly. A person really has to keep an eye out to get a good bargin at ours. Sometimes it’s cheaper to buy new clothing than to get it at the op-shop. Plus the fact that you managed to get the material for $3 a metre is fantastic.

    Tell James that he did a good job for me and I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of his gifts come Christmas time.

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