A Break In Studying

Elise’s exam isn’t until 3 pm this afternoon and while she has been studying she is also working on some of her Handmade Christmas presents.  She is alternating between the two figuring that way she won’t get entirely fed up with either process.

Studying and Christmas Presents

I couldn’t work out what the funny metallic sound from the dining room was.  It turned out to be Elise cutting the tops off aluminium cans then cutting slits in the side and rolling down the edges to make them pretty as part of the desk organiser she is making for James.

Shaping the Cans

She made one of these desk organisers for Ashley in the early part of her secondary schooling and he uses it to store pens etc in in the office.  Looking at James’s desk in his bedroom he is in desperate need of one too…vbg.

Desk Organiser

Elise used beer cans for Ashley’s organiser – sourced from who knows where – probably Ashley and the teacher at the time was horrified and actually asked Elise had she drunk the beer in the cans.  Elise replied  “no” but said afterwards she should have told her bottles of wine wouldn’t have worked as well.  Not that Elise drinks wine but can you imagine the look on the teachers face….wicked grin.

This time Elise is using other cans that used to hold alcoholic drinks and I’m not going to inquire where they were sourced from although I suspect that both father and daughter contributed to the stash.


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