Spinning and Studying

Tomorrow is Elise’s last exam – Business Studies – so today has been delegated a study day.

Elise started studying  in her room then moved to the dining room.  There was one large sheet of cardboard with writing all over it taped to the glass doors when I went outside to spin.


There were three  large sheets of cardboard with writing all over it taped to the glass doors when I came inside for lunch.

I thought that by making myself scarce it would give her the chance to study in peace. I also had the thought I might actually mange to get some spinning done.

Spinning.....with help

I did…..with a little help.

Rag Bag

I did mange to get some more pretty but practical things made for Elise the other week – just forgot to blog them.  A rag bag. I figure if she ends up getting a cat like she would like there will always be little messes to clean up.

Hand Towel

I also bought a bath towel, cut it into four hand towels and put a towel topper on each. I have had the bit of vintage kitten fabric for ages – an op shop bargain. I ended up using all I had bought – which was a couple of meters – on the hand towels and the rag bag.  What what was left of the towel I have made four dish cloths which I am crocheting around to help the edges hold together.

A confession here. I use face washers to wash my dishes with. For ages I experimented with all sorts of dishcloths…..from bought cloths to hand knitted or crocheted. In desperation one day I grabbed a face washer and loved it. It just the right size, the terry towelling cleans well and semi dries the benches after I have wiped them down and they wash and dry really easily. I have face washers for the kitchen as well as the ones in the kids bathroom each marked with a piece of fabric so I know what gets used for what purpose.


PS  There are now four sheets of paper taped to the glass doors and Elise has retired to the table to write on more bits of paper. I’m so glad that tomorrow is the end of all this study…….for a while anyway.


4 thoughts on “Spinning and Studying

  1. I have been thinking about using an old towel cut into smaller face-washer-sized pieces for cleaning cloths. I wondered why everyone is going to the trouble of crocheting dishcloths when I could just make then from an old towel. Glad to see you’re thinking along the same lines and I’m not going mad! (but also like your idea of crocheting the edges, I just sewed around mine with a zigzag stitch – that was to make cloths for the house cow teats though, I don’t think she minds what they look like!).

  2. Whew – almost over… VCE is such a stressful time for the kids as well as parents! And then only four years of Uni exams – though they get easier as the years get on, I hope. Only two at Uni atm, both finishing second year though S1 is also talking abut going back to Uni next year to do nursing after years of being a chef. He can see that chef hours aren’t as much fun when you head into midlife…
    Best of luck for Bendigonia next year, Elise will LOVE Uni!!!

  3. Nice that the exams are finally over now Elise can sit back and relax – or as much as she can what with finding the job and getting ready for uni.

    Love the photo of you spinning with the dog on your lap, you’ve got some patience to let him sit there while you’re doing it.

    Love what you did with the towel you’re so creative and now Elise will think of you every time she uses it.

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